Saturday, July 25, 2020

The good the bad and the UGLY!

Gas Stations of History:

UPDATE!.....Just before publishing this, the kitten story changed. I had the black Tom locked in the basement, Sherry just looked outside and ther are 6 kittens out there playing. Someone brok Tom out of jail. LOL
For Saturday’s stuff:
Today was strange. I designed a feeder that I thought I could put a month’s cat food in and the larger animals could not get to it. I planned to use 4” PVC pipe that the kittens could enter and the tunnel be longer than the Raccoon’s arm. I was going to anchor it so it could not be moved, it would be water proof.
The bad:
However this morning I was going out to tell Michelle (neighbor & cat lover,feeder) about the snake bite and she informed me she had fed all the kittens last night some baked salmon, they loved it.(of course). But recovering her dish this AM she could see only one kitten, a black one. I looked around and saw no sign of a fight, etc. I quickly checked the trail camera and the only shot was at 6:15AM with 3 kitties eating in the storage building. The only one left is a little black tom. He stuck with Sherry and I like glue.
I promised Michelle I would keep him in the basement until tomorrow when she had a home for him. Amazing a few weeks ago we had a mama and 7 kitties and now only one kitten. A little sad. Except one black Tom will have a home and be fixed.
The good:
I got a call today from Poison control. After asking many questions, They said everything sounded good and they would close my case. I was glad to hear that.
Above is my hand now The line was drawn by the nurse to show the beginning of the swelling  At the height of the swelling I could not close my hand and there were no knuckles nor wrinkles.The bite is the small red spot on my little finger.

That little red spot is where all the trouble began. it is hard to see the actual bite, but it is the slightly darker spot. Nothing dramatic just a dark puncture wound. I have better pictures but they are on the phone taken at the hospital but I cannot transfer to the computer. I hope to learn how one day.
The Bad & Ugly
I just heard of the death of a niece who had the Corona Virus. My nephew (her husband is in the hospital with the virus), also a son. Prayers appreciated. God is still GOOD!

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Woody said...

Glad to see swelling going down on that Hand, Sad to hear about the Kits ! We have 2 Feral Cats in the Old Mill Ruins, but they were trapped and fixed and brought back and let go, keeps the critters down ! I have an old Motorola Phone, It takes great pictures and Video, I cant trnsfer them to computer so I get the picture, then I email it to myself and download it and save it. slow but works great ! You 2 behave, Prayers for a good healing of your Bite ! Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

Glad 6 cats are accounted for and one will have a home soon. So sorry about your niece. Prayers for the family.

Good to hear you are progressing with the bite and it is healing as it should be. Looked icky in the pictures though.


yaya said...

I had to read previous posts to see what happened to your hand...ouch and scary! Snakes can be good to eat rodents but not poison ones that bite humans! Glad it's healing. Sorry about the kitties ☹️. I'm very sorry about your niece and her family. This virus is changing lives minute by minute.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so sad about the kittens - I loved your stories.
Sorry too about your snake bite - boy you were lucky it was a little one. That looked bad.
I am so sorry about your niece and nephew. Prayers. Seems like it is getting closer and closer. :(

Glenda said...

Sad to hear about the kitties and your family, sending condolences on the passing of your niece. Praying for healing for her husband and son. Lots of love, Glenda

Glenda said...

Also, I got distracted and forgot to mention your recovery, so happy you're recovering [I fear snakes with a passion and a guy cleaning up my backyard fount three small coral snakes a couple of days ago, they're dead now!!!] Yikes

Mevely317 said...

I'm sure saddened to hear about your niece's passing. I don't suppose you know how/where they contracted the virus? Prayers for her hubby and son; gosh, this THING almost makes me afraid to breathe outside my own home.
Thank you guys for being such good stewards of those wee furballs. Good to know you can take off on vacation and know they're in good hands with Michelle.

Susie said...

Sending prayers for you and your nephew and his family. So sad, and scary. Please stay safe, you and your wife. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Lisa said...

What in the world is happening to all the kittens? Maybe wolves? Hawks? Or other wild animal. If they wonder to a neighborhood or park, sometimes children will pick them up and take them home as pets. I would hope that is the case here.
Wow that snake bite is crazy! But it is still kinda cool.
I’m sorry to hear about your niece. That is terrible! I feel so bad for her husband. Prayers to all.

Stay safe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Will be honored to pray for those dear ones with the virus. It really breaks the heart to hear such news. So far all those near and dear are healthy here. Something to be thankful for . Glad your bite is healing and hoping those kittens are keeping safe and only missing for now bu will return.