Monday, July 6, 2020

Hitting the road

Those Gas stations:

 Years ago I worked at a service station. I learned that the profit off the gas only paid the utilities. The owner's profits came from oil changes and repairs.

For Tuesday’s stuff:

WE are parked by Joe and Donna. WE just met. There are a lot of Veterans who RV. Some join the military when they are young and the moving around to different bases gets into their life style and once retired answer the call to the road.

Many Vets fly flags; it was easy to see the USA Flag with the USMC ensign below it. I always use the term ‘Jarhead’ as the marines are affectionately called. His dog a retriever ran over to Sherry and he apologized. I said, “Oh that is okay, you have to love a ‘Jarhead’ dog.”

He laughed and we had a chance to talk a little.

Joe is 74, his wife Donna is in a wheel chair. They sold everything they had, bought the 5th wheel RV and hit the road just in the last few months.. He said they had discussed it and if they were gonna travel it was now or never. So they went for it.

We cannot help but see them as they go thru the gyrations of getting Donna in and out of the truck. It is tough but they are enjoying life. It is sweet seeing ‘elderly’*** folks in love.

We are excited for them as we remember that feeling of ‘hitting the road.’

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PS: The ***Elderly is used for Myra’s benefit. LOL



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Two sweet couples parked next to each other. Life is good. RV people are good people with a love for travel and the land and each other. Have a safe and happy trip home. From what I hear Florida is a really busy place right now, lots of traffic coming into their state.

Chatty Crone said...

Beautiful love story.
I wonder if that is true today - about how gas stations make money??? lol

betty said...

Neat that Joe and Donna decided to go and travel despite her being in a wheelchair. Bet they are having the time of their lives! Glad you got a chance to meet them and get to know them!


Mevely317 said...

Hahahaha! So sweet and Joe and Donna throwing caution to the winds and enjoying life on the road. Makes a body want to start singing, "Wherever we go, whatever we do, we're gonna get through it together." (All together now!)

Lisa said...

Sounds like yall made some new sweet friends. I think it’s great they decided to take it to the roads. If you do not make you dreams come true, they will only be dreams.

Safe travels