Saturday, July 4, 2020

Out of the blue, Sherry had the RIGHT answer.

Cars of beauty:
 The Messerschmitt you may not remember
BUT some of you  might remember the Marlin.
And then there was Shirley Temple REMEMBER?

For Sunday’s stuff:
We are enjoying being foot loose and fancy free. I have heard that term most of my life. I think I know the meaning. LOL
There are people hate, or dislike someone who has a great idea and puts it into action to become successful. Me? Mostly I admire them as long as they don’t step on people to climb that ladder.

An example is Elon Musk from South Africa coming up with Telsa and then the space program. Honestly I have never even paid any attention to the Telsa, but evidently it is going to make it. I admire the man for his tenacity to follow his dreams.

In Florida there is a ‘Monster’ of a town/city/villages called “THE VILLAGES”. The city is eating up land like crazy! It began just above Lady Lake, Florida. Woody mentioned it in his comment the other day.

I took this from the internet:
HAROLD SCHWARTZ, 93, FOUNDED THE VILLAGES. Harold Schwartz, the father of The Villages who turned a mobile home park in rural Central Florida into a mammoth community that redefines retirement and old age, has died at age 93.Dec 25, 2003

We are sitting in Wildwood Florida. The villages started a good 30 miles north East of here in the early 70s with a few hundred people. Schwartz’s idea was to make many little villages, each with their stores, restaurants, banks, etc. it started. Now the population of ‘The Villages’ is over 70-80K. It has now reached us here at Wildwood and just a note to Woody and Myra who knows the Villages. WE came up the Florida Turnpike a couple days ago and saw a bridge started across the Turnpike to MORE VILLAGES south of the Turn Pike.
The Villages are famous for building so people can shop, visit, and travel all on golf-carts. Normal roads and hundreds of Golf-cart roads exist.

WE actually watched in one year the Village of Brownwood being built. That is complete with hundreds of homes, many stores, roads and 2 shopping centers. This one has a hospital/senior care facility. It now borders Wildwood.

Sherry voiced my opinion, like Woody, she has never wanted to live in The Villages. But it is perfect for those who fall in love with the idea. It is the fastest growing community in the USA!

Now the reason I started the entry. Sherry said to me on Friday night, “I think I know why I love the motorhome so much; it is a lot like ‘playing house’.”
I smiled, remembering as a child, I enjoyed playing house. So she is right, and I love it. (I just wish I were 20 yrs younger, I could enjoy it more.)  LOL....... I know you played house!
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                 Now we' re like old people playing house.    


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have a nice play house there. I know it's home for you no matter where you go. You just need to find a place to park it now. We used to drive a golf cart around the place we used to camp and enjoyed it. The villages sounds like a big campground with benefits.

Woody said...

I remember in the 70's seeing the "Villages" for the first time as we crossed the over a bridge and could see rough framed houses and bare wooden trusses, and white finished houses ! A BIG sign said Now, for Sale for $ 75,000 dollars, 3 bedroom Homes !!!! The original Owners Daughter and Son now run it I believe as we get Invitations to come to Florida to "Visit" the Villages. Glad you are enjoying your Visit ! We sat out side with a woodfire and talked till way past our bedtime. Enjoy your visit and R & R ! Sending down love and blessings, Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

I like Sherry's thought about the motor home and playing house. Playing house was a funt hing to do when I was growing up! I'm not sure I would enjoy living in the Villages but I have heard of them down in Florida.


Mevely317 said...

LOL-ing on Sherry's observation! Certainly, I've heard of the Villages - and know of a few people who bought there - but never visited or knew the history. Like Walt Disney, Mr. Schwartz was certainly a visionary! Love the concept, but it's giving me a bad (Twilight Zone-ish) vibe. Can you just imagine the HOA fees?

Susan Kane said...

I didn't know where you were going with the playhouses (love them!) until The Villages. It is a good idea, well thought through. One or the other: keep the land pristine or build communities on it.

Now we're like old people playing house. Yup.

Glenda said...

That "playing house" made me smile, Sherry you're SO cute!!!

Rick Watson said...

I never had a playhouse as nice as yours :)

Rosie said...

I know what you mean about the playhouse. When we got our first home on wheels about 20 years ago that was exactly what I said back then, and still today feel the same way when we go away. I don't think I could live in The Villages either, but "never say never" as the saying goes.

Lisa said...

I’m like Sherry with “playing house”. Thats how I feel with my camper. I love spending time inside alone while Nick takes his walks. I just play around with it and piddle like playing house.

Stay foot loose


that villages place sounds like quite the spot. bet it's expensive. smiled about you two older folks playing house. throughout the past 40 years because of various jobs we have lived in multiple towns in many different apts. but have still maintained a permanent residence here, driving home on weekends. sometimes it did, indeed feel like we were playing house in these temporary dwellings. you guys have the right idea, taking your home, wherever you go. simplifies everything.