Sunday, July 19, 2020

Bumble bees and kitties

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For Monday’s stuff:

I was out in the woods again yesterday afternoon. The kittens again followed me out. I really meant to take the camera, because in just a minute one of these dudes was in this pot I have along the trail.  The pot is two frogs hugging. It would hide and then raise up and slap at one of its siblings and then hide again. This is the empty pot:

I was cutting the ivy back from our trees. I have this small bird bath with a frog on it. When I got near this, one of the ‘blackies’ found a place to rest:

One of his siblings was laying in the trail just 5 feet away.

But all of a sudden I disturbed a bumble bee nest, ouch as I was fighting the bees and trying to get out of there, I scared the kittens and they scooted out of there. I received about 10 warning stings from mr/mrs bumble bees to LEAVE OUR HOUSE ALONE! I did.

HOWEVER, in my moving pretty fast I was stung on the ear and automatically slapped my hearing device into the ivy and did not see where it went. OUCH.

I forgot about the stings, I let the bees settle down and then spent an hour slowly looking for the device, and I did find it. LOL

The kitties came back, I shot this, and realized I had sweated the haze on the lens. A real photographer would not post this one. LOL

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Woody said...

liked your post, Is that Ivy your curring down "Kudzu" vine ?, Glad the Kits are around, miss hearing about "Stormy" ! I feel for uou on that Bee Nest, I wold swell up like a Balloon ! Nice Day, Breeze and about 78 degrees, Got a Torrential Downpour yesterday about 4PM which was nice. My Ears are OK, still some bleeding on the right one, Anna Maes eye is good, just drops now, Surgery Thursday on the Right one ! You 2 have a Great week stay cool ! Love Ya's, Gary an Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

Well, maybe not a PRO photographer ... but your writing's far more entertaining than anything he/she might pen! I love to hear how the kitties are following you around. So glad none of them were stung! Them being so small, I wonder if they would survive? Please be careful!

betty said...

Ouch on your stings!! Hope you are doing okay from them! Fun to read about the antics of the kitties!


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - what a story - kind of funny, but not for you. Sorry about the stings. Glad you found your ear piece!

Susan Kane said...

Your walks are never simple. Finding the hearing aid was a big "Oh, boy!!"

Glenda said...

This post reminded me of Mark who worked hard to get vines off the roof of my house right after I bought, OMG he got into a bee's nest and was attacked; ended up with quite a number of stings. You were fortunate to find your ear
ornament! Love and hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Dar said...

Oh my, I'm sooo glad you found your hearing devise. I know how we rely on them. Nice the kitties are friendly enough to follow their main man! Why is it that the bees like to hide out in vines.? The least they could do is to show themselves in the open so we can avoid them. We've been working by the cabin and there's a yellowjacket hornets nest clinging to the cabin that the nasty buggers are busily working...makes me mindful to stay away.
loven'hugs from up north where it's cooler thanks to the rain and less humid. We'll take it !~

Lisa said...

Well it looks like you are fostering a few orphan kittens. I still hope Stormy is ok. Maybe she needed a break while weaning them. Time will tell. Ouch on the sting! At least it was not a yellow jacket nest. Those things would not send out one, They would send out an Army.

Have a blessed day

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Never a dull moment at your house for sure. Kittens are full of playfulness and are adorable to watch, but bees, not so much. Be careful if you go back out there. Thankful you found your hearing device. That was a great find.