Thursday, July 9, 2020

What did I do wrong?

Gas stations from the past:

For today, Friday from NC:

I love big juicy tomatoes. Ones that one slice makes a sandwich. We have gotten 3 tomatoes and they are all between a golf & tennis ball size.

The vines are over ten feet high. How could I have kept them shorter? I remember mama calling some branches ‘suckers’ and pinched them off, I musta missed something.

Now just for fun this year, I had laid two or three potatoes that I had let swivel and sprout on a ledge in the carport. I kept saying I should plant these. Mama cut sections with an eye and planted them I think. Anyway just for fun I sectioned them and planted them. The patch has a lot of greenery, mostly shade. I can remember a 4th grade teacher that let us watch a potato plant grow in class that year. It was interesting to a kid to see a plant grow from an eye.

My question, how do I know when (or if) I have some North Carolina Idaho potatoes?

Questions?  We all have questions in the past few months, most are about this virus pandemic. I’m confused, disgusted at our ‘fussing leaders’ and just plain aggravated.

HOWEVER all that is not enough to make me sad or want to give up on life. I’m still here and I am glad.

Finally, Betty mentioned the narrow hall in our new trailer home. Yeah it is narrow, but not as narrow as the tour showed it. That is my opinion, Sherry’s is a little different. The previous owners used that exterior door in the hall as their entrance. Sherry will change that, our company entrance will be on the other side of the trailer, entering the living room. That is where the coat closet is.

There was once a room there. The floor is still there and we will eventually put that back in place as a screened in front porch methinks.


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Chatty Crone said...

Well like I said I love your new home.
I wish I knew more or anything about planting.
I know Darla does.

betty said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Jack, about the hallway. Pictures can be deceiving so I wasn't entirely sure. I like Sherry's plans to change the entry way. Not sure about planting, but I have heard that about potatoes; just never did it.


Dar said...

Well, good morning Sir Gardener.! As for your potatoes, if you hill them by pulling dirt up around the stems, it will protect your potatoes that are pushing up from underground. Once the plants die down to brown, leave them in the ground another week and then dig them up. That'll be in the late summer or early fall for your area. Finally, let the fresh potatoes dry and let the skins harden about another week before storing them in a dry place, out of sunlight in a brown paper bag works or a basket. We keep ours in the root cellar or the closet away from heat. After all that hard work, savor the flavor. Oh, watch for potato bugs/beetles....they stink when you pinch them and leave orange goo on your fingers...but do kill them. I stomp them between a couple rocks. lol Bill has his first sandwich sized tomato ready for picking and eating. YUM Love your screened in porch idea and my aunt has one of those gas pumps by her driveway, still works.
loven'hugs from our north where it's rained steady with sunshine today. I may just get the lawn mowed yet !!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your new home is set up much the way mine is. I have the car port an one side and the enclosed patio on the other. We use the door off the carport as the main entrance. It's the driveway side and everyone just automatically comes that way. I like the enclosed sunroom 3 months out of the year. But winter time here makes it way to cold to use. The door to inside also has the coat closet right there. Its the perfect size for me and I hope you enjoy yours. My daughter planted some potatoes in a barrel so I'm glad you ask the question about when to harvest them. She didn't know either so now I know what to tell her. Happy gardening and hope you get some tomatoes for that tomato sandwich. They are delicious!

Mevely317 said...

One of these days I'm going to have to break down and try a tomato sandwich! Your planting question's made me realize, if I had to farm for a living I'd probably starve to death. (LOL) I sure like the looks of your new place; having a screen-in lanai sounds like a winner. I can already imagine you and Sherry enjoying your coffee there and loving life. :)

Woody said...

I think rebuilding on that Slab is a good idea! We let Potatoes grow, hill up some dirt around them, when the tops start dying and drying out after they flower ya can did em up ! Nice Video of your new place ! Where ya parking the Motor Home ? I love aireal views of places ! Anna Mae can see now ! Sending down Love and Blessings ! Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Sorry I deleted my comment above as it was a duplicate from the past post that I thought didn’t post. Thats what I get for getting behind on my reading I guess.
Now about potatoes and tomatoes, We lucked up and found some nice sandwich tomatoes on the way to the beach at our favorite half way spot called McClouds. I have never tried growing potatoes and aways wondered how you know they ready too. Haha.