Thursday, July 16, 2020

The loss of a blogging friend and our job


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For Friday’s stuff:

The job is finished. My friend Melvin finished the last of the several jobs today, and I put the finishing touches on our job.  But before I go on, if you read Life 101 by Rick Watson you probably know he passed away just a few hours after his last blog entry. Along with a good entry Lisa put a thread in her blog that will take you to an article about Rick.

We will miss Rick and his succinct comments. I loved his unique lines:

…Hot as the devils shoe soles..

…Humidity so thick you can lick it. Etc….

Rick will be sorely missed by that sweet wife he loved to pieces, Jilda. She said, “I lost my heart last night, 45 years with him, not nearly enough…”

RIP Rick…

Now I will try to post few pictures of the flooring job. The first one looking back thru the house from the living thru the kicthen, the dining room and den follow.

The flooring is made byMatrix and is vinyl. it is waterproof. below is the living room that far corner was the next to hardest part of the job. there are two bedroom doors and a cased entrance. to fit around.
This is the kitchen loooking back to the living room where we started.
This little hall was the toughest place I spent a few hours just cutting the angles and openings.
The wood pattern is clled "Ashville Pine" This is the dining room looking tru the bannisters to a sunken den. Note: all this furniture and stuff had to be moved to lay the floor. Where you see the bowl and pitcher on the right sat a 550-600pound China hutch.  We hired Melvin and friend Antonio to move that to our house in the basement. It is a monster.

BElow is the den with a full wall of fireplace.
YOu are looking at the house itself. It has been added on and also added on to the add on. LOL

 We laid over 700 square feet of flooring. We have been at it about 6 days, but it is completed and we are pretty proud of ourselves. Sherry took part of today off. When Melvin arrived to finishs his work the subject of age came up. He thought I was about 65. (probably to make me feel good. LOL) When I told him I was 81 he was flabbergasted.

"You kidding, right?" He asked.

But, I think I am worn out.  hahahahaha.  But happy and satisfied we could do this during the short window of time we had. I really was surprised it was impossible to get someone to do the whole job. Work is available for the labor trades, that is for sure. I keep wondering who can buy all these houses being built?

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Mevely317 said...

SWEET little home! I love the awnings and the fireplace ... and of course, the new flooring. I'm stunned and immeasurably saddened to read about Rick's passing. I always believed we'd be able to hook up with one another one of these days. There's no making sense.

betty said...

I left a comment but guess it got lost. Sad about Rick and his passing. He was so young! Prayers for his wife.

Flooring looks great! You and Sherry did a fantastic job! Take a few days off before your next project!


Dar said...

Prayers for Rick's wife, family and friends. Loosing someone at any age is a test of our own love and longing for more time on this earth. Another star shines in God's great sky. As for the two of you, WOW, what a great job and on your knees most that time. You did a fine job. There aren't too many at your age or mine, for that matter, that could begin to tackle such a laborous job. Proud of ya. Now take a long break.
loven'hugs from up north where my guy and I spent the day lifting and placing rafters for the porch at the cabin. Phew, it was a hot one but we're half done for our 70's. Everyone else was making hay. You two lovelies find a beach and take a slow stroll or a cool path to walk hand in hand.

Glenda said...

Great job, it looks fantastic, Sherry does great flooring :)

Lisa said...

I”m sorry you too lost a blogger friend. But like his book title “Life Goes On”.
The flooring looks perfect! Great choice of color and style. We need to put some new vinyl flooring in our bathrooms.
We have hardwood throughout the rest of the house except the bedrooms.

Happy Weekend

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I just saw the news of Rick's death on Myra's blog this morning and am shocked. I had no idea, due to visits out with my daughter I didn't read the posts from yesterday. I guess we never know how many days we have left, but his were far too short. Prayers for Jilda. Your did a beautiful job on the flooring it all looks very nice. What a difference ! Looks like a new house. Hope you will join Sherry and take a few days off too. Relax and enjoy your work for awhile.