Friday, July 10, 2020

Thoughts and our trip to North Carolina

Those Gas Stations from the past:


Now for Saturday..

It amazes me to see the homes that started off as dreams for families turn into a deteriorated dump.  So many homes that fell into our budget have become worthless. Most will never bring the price of the land they set on, because it will cost so much to tear down.

Most of the places we looked to buy are trailers. Since we lived in trailers for many years, we do not object to trailer life.  There was a time that the trailer made sense (and cents) as a home for newlyweds and a family. We raised our **two boys to grade school in a 42x8 trailer.

Trailers are no different than stick built homes if taken care of. Just like old never painted homes and barns, trailers also hold many sweet memories, moments of contentment and sadness.  As I see mobile homes (trailers) like this:

I always think there are men and women somewhere who remember playing in this yard. Fighting unseen enemies, flying planes way up in the white clouds and riding horses of superb strength and speed..

Imagination still drives kids whether in the penthouse or a trailer in the country.

**Speaking of our sons, both are nearing SS age now and it was sorta neat that on I-95 Mark calls and asks his mom, “Where are you?”

“We are on I-95 headed North just inside Georgia.”

“I’ll wave as I pass, I am on 95 myself and should pass you in a few minutes.”

He did and we blew horns and waved. Sherry called and said we would see him in NC since he is headed that way.

An hour or so later Sherry got another call, “Hey Mom, where are you?” This was from JJ the older son who is a courier.

“We will be turning west on I-26 in a few minutes.”

“Great, I have a delivery going to a hospital in Charleston; we should pass on I 26 in about 30 minutes. I’ll wave like mad!”

He did, and we got a kick out of that. I told Sherry, “We raised a crazy unpredictable family didn’t we?”

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love how your sons like to call mom and check in. I'm blessed in much the same way, even though I don't travel like you do. A couple of them like to call when they are on their way home from work and talk all the time they are driving. They have hands free phones in their cars, but it always feels good when I know they are safely home. I love my mobile home and found when I was looking to rent I got the most for my buck here rather than in an apartment. Apartments require parking in a parking lot. Here I have a carport and a storage shed. Very few apartments offered a laundry, here I have a washer and dryer right off the kitchen. It's cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus I love having them responsible to take care of everything, I don't have to wonder who to call when something breaks down. They fix anything that goes wrong. I think you all made a very good choice choose your new winter home. We had rain last night so temps have dropped from the 90's back to our nornal 80's. Hope you have a good day there. Love and hugs from Ohio.

Dar said...

It's another gorgeous day, weather and hearts. I get calls all the time from the kids, either checking in on us or just to talk. My oldest calls when he's on the road heading back to his home from checking on his shops. He's a hard worker but our talks are always about family and how everyone is doing. My eyes got wet when reading about how your boys check in and wave so hard as they meet you on the road. Gotta go make a cabin run with Bill. We left the gas turned on........hope the cabin is A-OK.
loven'hugs from up north where it's going to be another great/grateful day.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - your lives are such an adventure - who meets on the road like that - what an awesome story!

Mevely317 said...

Your account of the calls from Mark and JJ have me grinning big-like! Son will only text before they're headed this direction. He's the only soul I know who refuses to call or text while driving. If I try and do that Tom's always ragging me, "I'm going to tell your son."
When we began looking at properties out here Tom talked about a trailer. But I put the kibosh on that because, in the words of our Chief Meteorologist: "In the event of a tornado they're death traps." If we lived anywhere else than 'tornado alley' I'd love to have a set-up like what Ma enjoys.

PS - I'm LOVING these photos of the old gas stations. Feeling nostalgic!

betty said...

LOL! Love what you guys did when you saw your sons on the road with the waving and the honking!! We need more of those types of things these days! Honestly a trailer would be a great place to live. I don't need a lot of space. I could get by in a studio apartment; hubby on the other day needs 3 bedrooms LOL.


Glenda said...

That's an incredible coincidence; seeing those arms waving and I know y'all were smiling. Happy trails!!!

Lisa said...

I had to read this one aloud to Nick. We both laughed. We have done that with his brother before coming to and from the beach.
I bet them boys didn’t have to honk or wave Mom would have noticed them a mile away.

Happy post