Monday, July 27, 2020

The Old Coach

Gas Stations of History:


Note: Yesterdays service station wa created from a B-17 Bomber. With a very wild story behind it.

For Tuesday’s stuff:

Our motor home is a 2000 model. It might have been 5 to 8 years old when we got it. I could look at the records and check but they are not close. If my sweet heart was not busy right now, she could tell me exactly.

It was not new when we bought it. It is 38 ½ feet long Monaco Diplomat. We have two slide outs (pop outs some call them); one in the living room/kitchen area and one in the Bed room. Both slide out about 2 feet. It makes the living area seem much bigger.

This coach is called a diesel pusher, since the engine is in the rear and under the bed. Our engine is a Cummins 315. Living this life has been possible because we are both retired and had some rental property that kept us on the road. If you  travel 400 miles in a day riding in a car it takes a lot out of you, but in the coach I am very rested after 400 miles. Driving is like sitting in a lounge chair.

If we like we can make coffee. If you need the rest room, you have it. We loved this life, but we know it is on the downhill run now. This trip we plan to really enjoy. Son Jack Jr. has taken 6 weeks off and will go with us to help drive. We leave next Saturday; the Big count down is on.


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Woody said...

Well, I am really Happy for you and Sherry and Jack Jr. for this Trip, I do hope you keep us posted on your Travels and Adventures as some of us will never venture where you plan on going so we enjoy our "Arm Chair Trip" with you and seeing the pictures ! Bet you can't wait to say "Cast Off All Lines", and Hit The Road !!!! Of Course I am Jealous of you but sending down our Love from up North ! Gary an Anna Mae.

Mevely317 said...

Interesting! Gosh, I'd be afraid of getting TOO comfortable in one of those big captain's chairs and doze off. Glad to hear Jack Jr. will be along to help drive .. and take pictures of you and Sherry!
I'm so looking forward to seeing the USA through the lens of your camera!

Chatty Crone said...

Very interesting. So the countdown is on. And your son took 6 weeks off to help you drive. Can I saw awesome!

betty said...

Great Jack Jr. Is coming along. I know you guys will enjoy the company and driving help!


Rosie said...

I am looking forward to hearing about your next adventure and hope you share some photos and stories here on your blog. Here in Aus we are not allowed to travel across borders so our travelling is limited at the moment, so I will love to travel with you from DownUnder!

yaya said...

How exciting! The trip sounds great and also sounds like you'll be very comfy in your home away from home! I'm glad you have your son to help drive. Stay safe and enjoy this journey! I'll look forward to the details!

Lisa said...

I’m glad you are taking a drive helper. yall are going to have so much fun!
I believe the pusher will give you a lot more fun miles.

Hump day in Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your coach may be getting old but you do well to keep it maintained. Gaid Jack Jr can go along with you all to help with the driving. A little family time together is always a good thing. I'm sure you'll appreciate his company. Have a good trip and keep in touch along the way. Only how many more days to go? Happy trails to you!