Tuesday, July 21, 2020

There is excitement here, making plans

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For Tuesday’s stuff:
I am sitting here typing with a fat left hand; getting bitten by a poisonous snake if an eye opener. The emergency room is required to contact North Carolina Poison Control with snake bites. Then they take the helm on treatment.It was their call to release me from the hospital, saying they would check on me.

On Tuesday we got a call from Poison Control to check on the progress and ask bunches of questions, etc. They ‘require’ me to return to a Dr. so he can call them and relate in ‘Dr. language’, what is happening. I will call my Dr. at VA and hope that works. (I get confused with all the insurance papers and stuff.) I don’t have much paperwork with the VA involved with  my health. I have a great VA doctor.

All this ‘silly’ stuff aside, LOL, we are excited about an upcoming trip. We plan to make a cross country trip soon. IT will probably be close to 6000 miles or more by the time we return. At our age, if we accomplish it, this will be our last circle around the USA.

For years we have flown Grandson Ben and his daughter Elsie Mae out here for a couple weeks. They live in Clearfield Utah. BUT with this Coronavirus, flights are not that consistent and we would hate to cause problems with them returning back in time NOT to miss work.

We have another grandson in Portland, Oregon, we would like to make a pass thru there.  We also love the coast highway of California; we may drive some on it. The California coastline is beautiful, a lot like Spain and France.

I have typed too much will stop.  BUT I am doing great very little pain in the hand now, I will be ready for a trip in a couple weeks.

It is hours later now and I came back to say the swelling is going down and I have learned that a snake bite hurts awhile and starts minutes after the hit.  I also learned that the copperhead is the best to get bit by, If  you have a choice, less damage and pain. I cannot imagine a rattlesnake bite, which here in the USA is the worst!!. OUCH! 

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Lisa said...

Your trip sounds exciting. You know your in love when you make a trip around the USA pulling your bed behind you. Hahaha.
Glad the snake bite is better today. This does not make me feel any more comfortable about snakes. AND....I heard cats are suppose to help keep those things out of your yard.

From the West side

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my, first the bees and now a snake in your woods. Not a very safe place at all for you there. hope you are better soon. That is exciting about your big trip to see all the family scattered so far away. I can imagine, you are itching to be on the road again. Take care and getter better so you can get going !

Susie said...

Hope you heal up before starting your adventure. You have learned a mean lesson. I pray for you and your wife to be safe and careful on your trip. Blessings to you and your Mrs. xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

So glad to know you're feeling a little better! Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful -- yep, I'm jealous. Will JJ and/or Mark be accompanying y'all and help with the driving? Please, won't you let us know if you wander anywhere near Coosada? Stay safe!

bobbie said...

If you come through SW Idaho, let me know!

Chatty Crone said...

I'm glad the snake bite is better today. 6000 miles Jack. There must be something in your DNA that is not in mine. I honestly dread a 200 miles trip. I do admire that you are doing it and it will be great to read your adventures.

betty said...

I hope to avoid getting bit by any snake Jack, but glad the copperhead isn't a "bad" one to get bit by. You are a statistic now in the recording when they will say how many got bit this particular year :) Glad you are doing better and don't have too much pain and the swelling is going down.

Your trip sounds like it will be so much fun! I'm sure you'll take your time and enjoy the scenery with Sherry as well as the family and friends you see along the way!! I do hope you'll share the trip with us on your blog!