Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The starting of our cross country trips

Gas Stations of History:


For Thursday’s stuff:

Was it 1983? Using our ‘POP UP camper’, we made a trip around or across the USA with our traveling buddies, Sonny and Collette. They wanted to keep in contact with family. To do that for both families,  I began the Shipslog as a Journal.

Funny that, We have had two couples as major traveling buddies. Both sisters, one mine and the other Sherry's. Sonny and Collette were Sherry’s side of the family and had never traveled much, maybe  a ride to the Mountains and back or to the beach for a week in the summer.

WE all had wanted to see a real Redwood tree, we got to walk thru one. Sherry had always wanted to drive thru one. She got to do that years later on another trip.

(Our first stop, Graceland. This is  Elvis's jeep, Collette was a #1 fan of his!)

Another stop, St. Louis. Collette was easily scared, but to our surprise she went to the apex to look out.

Looking down on the Mississippi from the Arch!

Pike's peak, the girls stayed down, to our surprise the 'cog train' scared Collette. Sherry made it to the top on two other trips.

Camping at the Grand Canyon.

Walking down just a short walk down, my Sherry was a little scared.

Looking down from that walk, I never expected to be impressed by a hole in the ground!!! That mountain in the foreground is higher than Mt. Mitchel in NC and it rises from the floor of the grand Canyon. The canyon is DEEP! LOL

Yosemite, just after we left we heard of a bear visiting

someone in Pop up.

Our last traveling buddies were Kat & Dick, my sister and her hubby. They were travelers and movers. Unlike Sonny & Collette, they had their own RV and followed us most of the time, even to Alaska.

We enjoyed driving in CAnada proper, it looked like everyone had just painted their homes and cut their grass, But the Yukon, my kind of place, wilderness Loved it.
WE entered Alaska on the Top of the World highway from Dawson City. We drove down thru Chicken Alaska to Valdez where there is a lot of salmon fishermen.
This is Kat and Dick. WE did a lot of Boon docking, that is camping off the roads and by rivers with no camp sights or hook ups. We loved it.
The trip to Alaska is my pick of destinations, but the trips around the lower 48 have been exciting; sweet, along with meeting some wonderful folk.


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Chatty Crone said...

Are you going to Alaska again this time?
Elvis had a pink jeep?
You had some wonderful times and wonderful friends.

Dar said...

It's wonderful making memories with your families. We did the same with all the camping we did when the kids were growing up...many adventures, each one was wonderful. One of our trips, we had a bear visit too, he was digging after some corn the mice let under the seat of our boat. lol. Just this morning at 6:30, we drove to reserve a campsite for Andy and his crew who will arrive this afternoon. It's times like this that we wish we still had our RV but we'll visit them for sure. Have a wonderful time traveling, making more memories. Is anyone traveling with you? Come see us. :)
loven'hugs from our northern lights nights and firefly heaven

Mevely317 said...

Outside looking in: Tho' I used to travel here and there, I/we never had the good fortune to have travel buddies along for the ride. I'm no expert, but guess that's pretty rare -- so many horror stories out there about friendships gone awry. That's pretty scary about the bear; I hope no-one was mauled?

Again, thank you for sharing these sweet pictures. I never tire of seeing them! Ironic, my blog friend Martha (Seaside Simplicity) has begun a weekly meme themed, "Throwback Thursday."

Keep safe, okay?

Lisa said...

These photos look like something right out of the camping magazine.
I would have been afraid of the cliffs. Just lookin down from them here on your post made my stomach flip.

Stay safe

Susan Kane said...

You ventured to some amazing places. You and Sherry had some grand adventures! If it were me, Sherry and I would be sitting with a cold white wine while you and others ventured down the Canyon!

yaya said...

When I was a kid my folks bought a "pop up" and we camped all over the US in that and loved it. It was a used one that my folks fixed up and Mom decorated the door of it and it had flowers on it and called it the "LOVE INN"..Ha! Gotta love those '60s! You've had some super adventures haven't you! Enjoy this new one!

betty said...

You and Sherry have been to so many interesting places! I liked the cogwheel railroad for Pikes Peak but not the drive up the road; that was scary for me!! I've been to the Grand Canyon several times but never thought of hiking a bit of it. Might have to do that sometime soon.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We started out with a pop up camper too when the kids we young. We could fir 3 in a bed if the slept sideways/ What wonderful memories for you. With the pictures you have shown they were happy days for you. For me too. It's the people you share the trip with that made such a difference.


your life has been quite an adventure. love the pictures of all your destinations. my daughter lived in alaska for about a year and a half.she's traveled to most fifty states and lived in quite a few of them. but like you, alaska holds a special place in her heart.