Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hindsight, After learning about snake bites

Gas Stations of History:

When attendants wore uniforms and hats


For Thursday’s stuff:

A few weeks ago Stormy D the Feral showed up with damage to her face and it was swelled to close her eye. I felt like it was from a fight with another cat, dog or even a raccoon.

Now in hind sight I am thinking, was it two snake bites? I remember the swelling, the skin damage that grew and her being lethargic for days. How do cats ‘SHOW PAIN?’

We were sympathized, the neighbor even tried to rub medicated napkins, but basically it ran its course and seemed to start healing. Now I wonder????

But she is gone, and as Lisa said, ‘Cats do not get lost!’ That was proven when I was 5 years old and my cat found its way back about 30 miles to a house it was familiar with.

Life of animals, especially FERALs, is tough but as our friend Rick who just passed wrote: ‘Life Goes On.’  

Mentioning Rick one more time, I cannot imagine the feelings of Jilda, the love of his life, at this time. Some of you can understand her feelings because you too have lost that loved one.

It is not a good feeling, sorta sad with this post, but then I smile a little, the kittens are cute,  ‘Life Goes On!’


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Chatty Crone said...

Is Stormy missing? I assume so, but the kittens are there - and I remember reading she was a good momma.
I am so sorry. I understand I can't think of something happening to Disco.
Hope your bite gets better!

Mevely317 said...

Ya, what they say about the Circle of Life. I've been wondering about Stormy D. but 'fraid to ask. She brought y'all some pleasant moments, and now her sweet offspring are doing the same. Have you thought about making it official and adopting one or two?

PS - I went on Jilda's blog last evening and read what she wrote. My heart!

Lisa said...

Jack, you need to get someone out to exterminate those snakes. Then place moth balls around areas of the yard to keep them out. Where there is a baby snake, there is a momma.
I would love to see what the snake bite looks like on your finger.

Keep away from the Ivy.

betty said...

If Stormy is truly gone and I am sorry if she is, she will live on in these kitties if they survive. Had you had copperhead snakes in the area in years passed? I would be moving lol.


Woody said...

Glad yer Back to Blogging and yer Snakebite was not worse than it was ! I wonder if it was that Copperhead Snake that got "Stormy" ?
Glad the Kittens are around but sad theres no Stormy !! Hope your on the Mend and I am sure your Honey is keeping an eye on you and that Finger ! You 2 take care, sending love from up North ! Gary & Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

No true words ever spoken, life does go on. I can see why you think now it could have been a snake bite. Glad you are healing and enjoying this kittens. Life is what w make it. You make it a good one !