Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Maybe the third is a charm

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For today, Thursday from NC:

OUR THIRD RETIREMENT HOME HAHA We are buying a trailer in Leesburg, Florida. It is small but within the price we were shooting for on this trip. It is recently remodeled and someone did a good job. It is also about 9 hours from our NC home base and much of the family. I will insert a few pictures, but his is a virtual tour:

The only thing missing is the furniture, we were hoping to find a place furnished. However it has nice appliances including the washer and dryer, newer than our 25 year old ones in NC, LOL
Living room looking into the kitchen
Kitchen we like the ceiling to floor windows to breakfast  at.

The plus? It has citrus trees with green fruit on them. It will be ripening in the fall when we return for the winter. 3 trees: Grapefruit, orange and lemon.
Since the u-pick portion of veggies and fruit down here has slacked off due to legalities, i.e. law suits for injuries in/around trees. The last u-pick we enjoyed we were required to sign a release form in case of injury. I get that gets tiresome for farmers.
Anyway Sherry said just now, “This is our third retirement home we have bought and sold 2 down here, maybe this one will stick. LOL”.
Hall bath has a tub shower
Master bedroom has walk in shower, no tub.
Nice washer and dryer.
Another plus we know some wonderful folks in this area and they don’t know we are back to bug-em yet!
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PS: Remember photos can be shot to make a place look bigger.Believe me this is small, and that is what we were looking for, now I can add on. hahaha  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your new place and if all you new is furniture, that is always easy enough to find Looks like the perfect place for the two of you. And to have your own fruit trees is a bonus for sure ! So glad you found your own winter home !

betty said...

I took the virtual tour and I liked it! I did notice the hallway looked really narrow, hope that is not the case! I like the kitchen and how it is laid out! It seems like a perfect 3rd attempt at a retirement home! Enjoy making it your home!


Mevely317 said...

I LOVE it ... and, in fact, I'm copying the address. LOL! Unfamiliar with the name, I had to look Leesburg up on the map ... perfectly poised, isn't it? Oh, that kitchen would have sold me in a heartbeat! Ya, God had a better idea. So happy for you and Sherry!

Chatty Crone said...

I love it very much. I would love it for us!
I think it will be great to put your own furnishings in it.
Is it near water?
I really am happy for you!

Susie said...

Well it looks like a nice vacation home . Beats the heck out of snow. LOL. Have fun while away. Blessings and stay safe. xoxo, Susie

Spare Parts and Pics said...

It looks perfect. And yes, third time's a charm!

Woody said...

I like your decision on this place, nice lot, nice Home and it looked like a small shop/storage building in the rear for you !! Furniture was easy for Anna Mae and I, we went to a Mobile Home Dealer, told them what we wanted and got almost all when someone bought a new home and didn't want the furniture. I like the idea of the 3 fruit trees. Nice Place there Sherry and Jack ! And a Nice area also !
Enjoy it, sending down Love, Gary an Anna Mae !

yaya said...

Good pick! That should be a nice place to winter in. I think you should take Stormy with you to keep the alligators out! Ha! I'll look forward to your posts in the Fall that shows that delish fruit harvest!

Beyda'nın Kitaplığı said...

Çok güzel:)

Glenda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's great news that y'all found a new home; it looks lovely and you can hop on I-75 and truck on up to Charlotte! NICE :) Love and hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Lisa said...

OH I like it!!! This is a little charm. I know you two are excited to share the news to your Florida friends. Maybe you will get some fresh fruit from those trees.

Rick Watson said...

Our place is small but we don’t need a lot of room. I love your new place. Hang a shingle and make it yours.