Sunday, July 26, 2020

This ‘n That

Gas Stations of History:

 Some were unique, this one using a war surplus bomber.

For Monday’s stuff:

Well today Sherry again is meeting with some of her old classmates, lifelong friends and a few new ones. They try to keep that ‘social distance’ but seldom succeed. That is a high light of her week. When we are gone over the winter she misses it. On our trips she sometimes calls and they pass the phone around here at Hardees to talk some.

It is hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that folks that are not kin have known each other and stayed in contact for 70 to 80 years.

I promised not to get snake-bit or have an accident that would interrupt her meeting today.

I am working here at home. I have somethings that need to be done to the coach and generator before this next long run so I am trying to get them out of the way before the end of the week. I do think I have become sort of a recluse, my hearing doesn’t do good in crowds with conversations coming from 2-3 directions  LOL.

Anyway, I am anxious to get on the road and want the coach to be in top condition before we head out. Y’all be safe.

We actually hope to visit there if we get the okay. If you watch the news here or on TV you would think The entire Portland area is under siege. I compare that to the riots we once had in the USA. I was in the Mediterranean at the time and even with the news (Armed Forces Radio) fed  to the ship, you would think the entire USA was burning. There were no cell phones nor had internet then and we had to wait on snail mail. Arrival time was a week or two behind, to learn that in our home town nothing was different.

The media can somehow alter reality.

BUT, BUT I want to close with this photo. Joshua just snt this to me. It is from the family get together. My first time to hold Oliver Jack, the latest of the great grands. of course he is such a pleasant baby.


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Woody said...

Good Entry, Glad Sherry has such Long term friends, I think I have a few life long friends, one I went to school with back in 1952, most others have Passed Away. Happy for you getting the "Coach" fixed and ready to be "On the Road Again" ! I miss traveling due to this dang Covid Threat ! Well, take care, watch where you put your hands, Miss reading about Stormy and her Kits ! Sending down Love and Blessings ! Gary an Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

Well I am not sure when you are leaving - but I agree - keep those hands washed and wear a mask when needed. Also drive safe!

betty said...

Such a sweet picture of you holding Oliver. I just wish the stuff in Portland would end. Enough is enough. It is neat Sherry has that connection with friends and can gather with them and spend time with them.


Susan Kane said...

Oliver Jack! Seeing him in your arms makes all grandma-gel.

The bomber up above...what is it? My dad flew on a B-29 over the China Hump.

Happy trails, keep safe, stay well.

Mevely317 said...

What a super photo of you and Oliver Jack! I agree, the media seems to be fanning the flames of dissent. Sad to read that's been going on for more years than I'd like to believe. Even sadder to think I once wanted to be a journalist. (Whew, dodged that bullet!)
Time's nearing! I think more than a few of us wish we were fixing to set sail, too.

Lisa said...

Such a s sweet photo of you and little Oliver. He even has the same hair as you. [grin].

Stay cool over there

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Seeing that photo of you and your latest great grand is a joy! How happy you are going to be seeing your family again. I hope things get better soon and traveling won't be a problem for you. Take care and be safe...good advice for all of us.