Sunday, June 21, 2020

Our Father’s day
Cars of Odd:
 The BIG phone call........
For Monday’s stuff:
Around 17 family members were here, we had a great time with Sherece’s Birthday and five fathers for father’s day. We ordered from Texas Road House the food was delicious.
Sherece’s other grandma brought a red velvet birthday cake and it was delicious.
Afterword we went down to the picnic fire pit area and the kids and some grownups made ‘smores’.
Josh & Megan made it over bringing Rosie and Oliver Jack plus the family dog Nudder. She is well behaved and came in with everyone else. Outside Stormy and the kitties were out of sight so they did not get the dogs attention. But you could tell she was doing a lot of sniffing, probably smelling the ferals. They have been disappearing during the day for the last couple days, I am just wondering if she is teaching them the ropes of being feral, or maybe just a cat. LOL.
Towards the end of the evening Stella was getting the kitties to eat Vienna sausage out of her hand, she was tickled pink to accomplish that.
It was a very good day, I love to see as much of the family together as possible. We missed son Mark, he didn’t make it up from Florida. No one expected Stephen, Ben & Corey and families to make it, since they are out of state also.
A good day was had by all.

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Dar said...

Father's Day was our normal around here. You sure had a wonderful gathering, and s'more's, I'm sure you were one of the ' big kids ' that enjoyed one. lol
Bill had calls from 4 of the 5 kids which he spent valuable telephone time with each. Otherwise, it was a day of unloading huge red pine logs at our sawmill, then a nice supper and playing cards during the rains. It was a relaxing day. It sounds like Stormy and her litter are trusting but still feral. It's all good. Have a blessed week and hugs to you and sweet Sherry.
love n'hugs from up in our north central WI where it's looking like more rain.

betty said...

It does sound like a wonderful day Jack!! Glad so many could get together and celebrate Father's Day as well as the birthday!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for all of you. I agree there is nothing better than getting together with family and we need to do that as often as we can. All the people would scare the kittens away as usually it's just the two of you and it's pretty quiet. Glad the vienna sausages lured them out. Maybe someone might want a kitten in their lives. Gott to think potential adoptees.

Mevely317 said...

Your meal sounds delicious … my mouth's watering for some of that red velvet cake! Of course, I'm sure having most of your loved ones near was the best. That's so cute about Stella and the kittens. I think she needs one (or two) of her very own. (*smile*)

Chatty Crone said...

You sound like you had a wonderful day with lots of good food and family. I am so happy for you.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Fathers Day. You deserved it. Oh smore’s on a fire pit sound so fun!!!