Wednesday, June 3, 2020

It was a good day

 Cars of beauty:

 An early 30's  model Studebaker, More of a head turner than the later Studs.

For Thusrsday:

We had a group together before we left for the mountains. I was showing Don tis leaf just beside our swing. It is a poplar leaf but at least 5 times bigger than normal. Don said, “I have seen some big ones, but I believe this is the biggest.”

When I flattened it, it was 16" wide just above it is the normal Poplar leaf.

After he took a picture he said, “Do you know that tree is dead?” Don is one of the most observant people I know.

I did not know it and we sit beneath it on the swing every chance we get, our favorite spot here. Since it was a live at the bottom because that is where the huge leafs are, I am hoping I can save some of it.


To day I used a ladder to cut a notch and slit to take the forty feet above it down. I was very careful, because using a chain saw 18’ up on a latter is tricky. I got ‘er down and cut it up for fire wood. I put tar on the sawed top, hoping the rest of it will live. After all it holds our favorite swing up.

I have never been successful at grafting, Imma read up on it. Since there are still live leaves low, I wonder if I could graft a dogwood limb about ten feet up to encourage it to live?  Anyone here ever graft in trees?

I really hate to show my neighbor’s back yard, but there is where the kittens are. I know I and the cats are trespassing but you might can see some cats beside the black ones. (smile, the black ones are easy to see)

 I asked for a family shot, no dice.


This one was further out and just looked at me.

 This one was peeking out at me.

There was another black one here when I started to shoot.

I know this is a mess, but I also bet these cats love it. We hope to move the group, and advertise for kitten give aways.

Life is good, today the carpet is dry… LOL

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betty said...

All the kitties are so cute! I would get one myself if I lived closer (not sure what the dog would say about that though). That was a big leaf! I don't know how to graft trees, wonder if someone at a garden nursery would know? Be careful on ladders!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't do good on ladders at all. My limit is the step ladder I keep for the kitchen. Glad you could do what you could to save that tree. Hopefully you won't loose it. Topping it off should help, By the size of the leaves it looks to be healthy. Getting those kittens out of that mess sounds like the way to go Hopefully you find good homes for them.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh your tree story just has me remembering back to when Rick and I tried to do it. I can't even explain how absurd it was. We will never do it again!
The little kittens are so cute and I bet they love it - remember the kittens will be feral too - and might be hard to handle. Hope they get spade.

Mevely317 said...

Yikes! Even imagining a young person on an 18' ladder with a chain saw gives me goosebumps. We've some kind(?) of vines gone wild up to the roof top that a fellow promised to come fell for us … and of course never showed. (I've told Tom he's NOT going to get up on his ladder with the chain saw … so shhhhh!) Those kitties are SO cute.

Susan Kane said...

Now you'll have to keep us all updated on the graft and tree's success. Rather bold of you, Jack. Did Sherry know you were doing this?

The kittens are so sweet. Haven't heard more about their mama.

Rick Watson said...

I love kittens.

Lisa said...

I’m glad you were careful on that ladder. This scars me.
The kittens are cute. I’m sure you will find someone to take them. My sister put hers on craigs list and that got gone in no time.

Still beachin