Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Let me explain

Featuing Work trucks I have enjoyed.

(But did not hide money in them!)

Entry for Wednesday:

God and life has been good to Sherry & I. We can remember times when finding a few dollars extra a month was tough. But there was always enough. We have always tried to live debt free, but it wasn’t always possible.

In my 40s I realized I was good with wood and worked as a carpenter. After building a few houses for others, I knew I could do this, and did. From that time on we have lived debt free.

We had parents who lived thru the depression and instilled in us, ‘pay as you go and put something back for a rainy day.’ Well the rainy day seldom came. Even during the late 70s when interest rates climbed into the 20% area, we had only one house on the market and were able to survive by selling it at cost.

I had friends who lost much and went bankrupt because they didn’t manage wisely. We came out of that period well.

So what I am saying we are thankful we are financially able to have all we need and some of just what we WANT.  I remember my dear mom and dad helping others. It made them smile.

(This one was diesel, I was proud of it, Sherry said it sounded like junk!)

Sherry and I have enjoyed helping when we can. I’m smiling now. I did a medium size job for a lady awhile back and refused to take anything. She smiled real big and said, “Jack you will take something, I will be upset if you don’t. My husband passed away 8 years ago and yesterday I decided to clean his truck out. I found a large amount of money he had hidden in his truck. I don’t use the truck but have loaned it many times. I could not bring myself to sell the truck so  I kept it. Now, he is 8 years later still taking care of me.”

I did take enough to cover materials. She is a real sweet heart.

So what I am trying to say I am no saint, but I remember when we could NOT help anyone much.  Now at 81 I can still do small things. It is fun for me, and of course I get to show off, sorta like Rick’s writing and his honeybees.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you can share your time and talents with others, I've always felt that we should share what we have much of. For me it's been my family. I try to share a lot about them because that is what I've been blessed with. We all have something we can share.

betty said...

Wow, what a find in that truck! What a blessing for her I am sure! It is good you help as you can, Jack. I know people appreciate it!! It is great too how you and Sherry managed money over the years. A lesson young people need to learn sooner than later.


Susie said...

I have tried to get my daughters to never spend more than they make. They are pretty good. My second daughter has never had a penny she didn't squeeze the dickens out of. She has always made do and learned to save. I have credit cards for emergencies, as soon as the bill came , I paid it in full. So I am not wasting my money. Once it's in the bank, too hard to take it out for things. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

What a sweet surprise! I'll bet her hubby was up there, grinning from ear to ear! Unfortunately in my early adult years my first husband and I were mighty foolish. Credit was easy and parents more than willing to bail us out. Sometimes I still want to bang my head against a wall.
About the other? Don't go diminishing your deeds … you're still a Good Guy!

Lisa said...

I can honestly say I have just as much now making zero as I did 9 month ago making 600 a month. Someone (no me) put back for these rainy days. We stay debt free as well. No credit card use except online spending. But gosh golly, I wish I could find work to do. I do not like sitting around the house.

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