Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The family portrait

 Cars of beauty:

 An old Chrysler Woody late 40 early 50s

For Wednesday’s stuff:

Not all families have the ‘family portrait’ made.

I was very happy to find this family picture of grandpa and grandma Darnell and little Frank Ben (my dad on their lap taken in 1903.) I have found no more...

Above Granny was about 16-17, very shy looking lady

I do not have a picture of Grandpa Darnell, I don’t remember him. But above is Grandma. She was a tough lady raising a family of 12-13.

This is Sherry & jack’s family portrait:

That is our two sons, Mark David (L) and Jack Jr (R). Although divorced, they have wonderful families with peace all-round.

Now I have tried to get a family photo of Stormy Daniels and her 7 kids, finally I nearly succeeded, since they have moved in with us. 4 blacks and 3 stripes.

Note Stormy’s eyes. One is swelled shut, do not know why, but she doesn’t see as well and is much more skiddish.

Sorry I did not get an official professional photographer, but with this Covid thing, it is hard to schedule. LOL

You all have a great day, and I hope you  have taken time for a family photo to pass down. I guess I will make copies for the kittens to save. LOL

Our latest family addition, Great Grand Oliver Jack

And his is Oliver Jack Held by his grandpa Jack Jr.


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betty said...

Such a sweet picture with Grandpa Jack holding Oliver Jack! Loved the picture of the kitties!! They are so cute!! Hopefully homes can be found for them! Poor Stormy! I feel for her with her eye problems!

Family photos are great! Probably should do one here with everyone. I know when my niece got married about 2 years ago my sister had a family photo done with us all. Will have to try to get a copy of that.


Mevely317 said...

LOVE that image of Grandpa JJ and Oliver Jack!!! Practically begs a caption, doesn't it? (O: "Listen grampa, this is the way it's gonna be." J: "Whatever you say, little man.")
So glad you got these pix of the kitties! That little stripe one in front has the cutest eyes! I only count 5, but blame it on my olden vision.

Enjoyed seeing all these family images. I probably value old (and new) photographs moreso than I ever did as a kid.

Chatty Crone said...

Lovely, lovely family. I am glad you have those photos - I enjoyed seeing all of them.
Did Stormy get in a fight? :(

Glenda said...

All of the photos are wonderful, especially love Grand Jack, Jr and his tee tiny one :) Those kittens are precious as well!

Lisa said...

The last full family portrait we have is from the 70’s. However, us four kids and daddy do not mind posing for a photo. We can’t for the life of us get Mom to take a photo. I personally think that is selfish. We manage to sneak in some shots but she can feel the camera pointing at her and will turn her head. It’s the best we can do.
Those are some cute kittens but not nearly as cute as that little grandbaby!

From gtown