Friday, June 5, 2020

Short stuff

 Cars of beauty:

 This is another Studebaker Hawk. Studebaker had been around for more years than most car makers. Poor management sunk a good car company!

For Saturday:

Last night I said, “I should have picked up some KK donuts so we could have donuts and coffee out under the trees.”

She said, “You have finally go to MA’s blog I see.”

I said, “Guilty.”


My nose stopped dripping overnight, just drip now and then, one handkerchief did the job.

I stayed away from the woods Friday, and decided The coach would take precedence. So I washed it. It took 4.5 hours, a job that usually takes about an hour and half. The sucker was DIRTY, especially the top. The bonus was I detailed the car also.

Life is good to us. I feel pretty good today. I sat and watched some beautiful red birds and a few thrush. The swing was my break spot today.

Life appears to be returning to  normal.  Of course I haven’t watched the news but the internet has a lot to do with the killing of Mr. Floyd. A tragic happening, one that has captured the world’s attention. I do feel for, and sympathize with the family, because LIFE is important and death is permanent. I do hope some good for our country can come from his death.

As a younger man, I admired MLK Jr. and his restraint, and call for peaceful public protests. I hate his life was cut short and unable to continue his leadership.

Despite its flaws, this is still the best country in the world in which to live, God Bless America.


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betty said...

I agree this country is the best to live in. I fear that may not always be the case and wonder what it will be when the wee one is an adult. Lots of prayers needed for our country I do believe.

That would be a job to wash the motor home!


Mevely317 said...

Say, can I bring my Camry by your place for detailing? :) You've more energy than that Energizer Bunny! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better!
Joining Betty in prayers for our U.S. of A.

Woody said...

I watch with anguish all the Marches, Protests, Shouts, Fights, that it makes me sad and Glad that I am not a Police Officer today ! Sad, just Sad all this hatred, anger and distrust. 75 Years ago June 4, D-DAY, thousands went ashore, thourands died to give all these people the rights they are enjoying and yet nothing on any "Newz" station on it ! Prayers for all involved ! Sending down Love, Prayers and Hopes for a Better tomorrow, Gary an Anna Mae !

Dar said...

no rest for the wicked me. I mowed lawn at the cabin, helped the guys cut 2x4's for the lean-to and cooked on our new grill that took 6 hrs. to assemble. It's nice but really??? Prayers for our country for sure. It's a mess., and then this. So much hatred, so much misplaced. It was wrong what the policeman did but I don't condone the half dozen or more times G Floyd was constantly imprisoned for repeatedly breaking the law. Now too many make him a martyr. not right. My prayers are for the families of the police officers that were killed protecting us. So wrong. I so agree with Woody.
love n' hugs from up north where it's beautiful weather to build something

Rick Watson said...

The news is depressing. I think I’ll wash our vehicles today. That sounds like a good idea.

Lisa said...

Now I want a doughnut.

From the coast