Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our USA, our lives..What happened? What will Happen?

Cars of beauty:
 1985 AMC Eagle
Entry for Monday:
I have a couple grand children who can work from home. Some of my family works courier service and construction, there is no stopping their work. But what happens to those who cannot go to work and there is no way their job can be done from home?  That hurts, that rankles.
Today and tomorrow will be spent getting ready for another short trip. The short trip is driven by the fact we just might take a long trip a little later. They are connected in a way.
We are looking for a place for the winter in Florida and our age is driving ideas. We know that even if our health holds out, it would be best not to be driving the coach (26,000 pounds of vehicle) on busy highways after 86 yrs. of age, at the latest. For our remaining time if we have good health after mid 80s, we hope to still winter in Florida. We could then fly down, or hire one of the Grands to drive us down and come back after us, Etc.

Let me ask a question. Is there anyone  buried now, that you just KNEW that they would attend your funeral?

In the past few years I have attended funerals of friends and family that due to their family history, their health and stamina, I KNEW THEY WOULD OUTLIVE ME, but they haven’t.

Of course we cannot predict life, we all know that, but we feel we should still plan.

We have lived our lives the best we know how, I think everyone does. I want to leave this old world doing something I love or pass away in my sleep, BUT, but I remember a quote attributed to Minnie Pearl:

  “IF you want to make God smile, tell HIM your plans.”
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Susie said...

I sure do not blame you wanting to winter in a warmer climate. Cold is hard on us. LOL. Please be save on your travels. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

betty said...

So true of that quote from Minnie Pearl! You have a great idea to winter in Florida and there are lots of ways to get down there that doesn't include you driving. Have fun looking to see where you might want to settle!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Wintering in Florida has become a habit for you so I'm sure you'd feel incomplete without it. I hope you can find the right place to make that possible. I plan to do more wintering in Florida too as I have a son that I can visit and have an open invitation. I only spend 2 weeks last winter but this winter I hope to spend a couple of months instead. We'll see what happens.... Yes we can make all the plans we want, but we never know what will happen.

Mevely317 said...

Like my father, I've always been a planner. I honestly think it's a reassurance to make the little "what-iffer" in my head sit down and shut up. (LOL!) It sounds like you and Sherry are looking out for every eventuality! Short trip? Long(er) trip? Now I'm curious to know the when's and where's.

Rick Watson said...

I bet it wouldn’t be hard to get someone to drive the RV down for you.
I think you would feel more at home in your familiar place.
It interesting that the cold bothers y’all. We do fine with cold, it’s the heat in late July and a August here that drains us.