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 Social distancing?

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We usually attend church on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I have no idea if scripture directs the # of times a person should attend ‘a church building’ or how much of scripture one should read daily or in their life.

I am a firm believer that you should have some convictions concerning life and especially death.

I haven’t been upset at the government ‘closing churches’ for health reasons for a period since they pushed online church communications.

BUT, but I have mixed feelings about this covid-19 thing. I realize and have heard theories, some far out conspiracy ones and some common sense ones. I have mentioned before I am a middle of the road guy, some would call me a ‘fence straddler’ LOL. I try to give everyone the right to an opinion even if it is 180 degrees out from mine. I have been wrong several times in my life.

My son Jack says this is the most over reacted time in our history. He could be right, you cannot back the clock up and try again.

BUT I gotta say, common sense tells me if social distancing is of dire importance, then the protests and riots of late should spike the cases of this virus to the top degree.

DO NOT READ ME WRONG, THE ABOVE DID NOT READ THAT THE PROTESTS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. (If you want to you can read in that the riots & looting should not have happened!)

YOUR OPINION (If you don’t mind expressing it) Did the governments of the world over react to this virus? From the depths of my being I DO NOT KNOW BUT I DO HOPE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING.

Common sense should prevail, I do not value $$$ over life, but if our economy is trashed saving lives, more lives will be lost to starvation and suicides.

Our governments are between a rock and a hard place, brilliant minds even conflict. I hope the right minds are making the correct decisions.

I’m off my hobby horse.


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betty said...

Here's my take.

The virus is serious and deadly, as you and your family know Jack. The majority of people dying from it is the elderly and a lot in nursing homes/rest homes and the like. People who are healthy are recovering from it. Some have more problems than others but most are recovering from it.

The health professionals are learning constantly about it and at the beginning they feared worse than what happened so far. They predicted millions of deaths at the beginning and rightly closed the economy and the world for a bit while they tried to make sure they had the right equipment needed to protect healthcare workers and those getting sick.

We were only supposed to be "locked down" for about 2 weeks while they did the above, prepare for the worst.

They kept extending the lock down and that started getting a lot of people upset.

It seemed that the rallies/protests they had to open up the country were labeled as hateful events where tons of people would get sick after attending. A lot of people on social media made comments like "they shouldn't be allowed to be treated for covid 19 if they are out at these rallies since they don't care about any lives" and the like. Surprisingly a lot of those rallies/protests were peaceful and there were no big spikes in numbers afterwards. They rallied for a short time, like a day for a few hours, and was done until the next one maybe a week or so later (at least here in Phoenix).

Now we have for the most part peaceful protests but continuing day after day after day and growing in numbers in some places. Some wear masks, some don't. Hardly anyone is social distancing. And the numbers are going up again. Is is because nail salons and restaurants are reopened or the protests??

There is a lot of information out there about the virus and about what is going on with the protests, etc. I feel for those who have had their lives taken away by the police. Statistically they are less than those who have died from the virus. Not all, but most of those people have done something wrong that put them in that interaction with the police in the first place.

I feel for Sandie in Atlanta because that is a "hot" spot right now.

They are making heroes out of those who do wrong and vilifying those who are trying to uphold the law. They are lumping all police into one category as being "bad cops" and that is only such a low percentage that are actually "bad cops".

There is evidence I found that the looting and the violence with the protests were planned beforehand.

I am disappointed our church won't be reopened for in building gatherings until August 2nd. I feel our churches need to be opened day and night and there needs to be prayer meetings held at them constantly and continuously.

Our country is in serious trouble. Some who are complacent (and I'm not talking about anyone who reads your blog or you or Sherry) are going to find themselves not liking what is going to happen in the days ahead if the vote goes a certain way.

Anyway, I said maybe too much . Best someone can do is PRAY and then educate themselves to everything that is out there and then figure out what is true and what is not. Sadly there is a lot of truth out there. You just got to dig to find it.

Prayers for all!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our church has been open for a couple of weeks now and attendance is way down. A friend of mine went and said there were only about 35 people there compared the usual 100 0r so. So not man went. I choose to stay home keeping safe. I don't think we over act when it oomes to life or death. I choose life. The only people I've been around are those that have been keeping safe distancing. I know they are safe because like me we are practicing safe distancing. They are my family for the most part. I qwnr ro aww my aiarwe yesterday and like she's been home for the most part so we are safe to be around each other. My family has taken good care of me by doing my shopping and I continue to let them do that as long as the will. Not overreacting here but keeping safe at home.

Mevely317 said...

What a thoughtful response Betty offered! Like you, I'm a bit of a fence-straddler, but I've another dear blog friend in NY State who feels like Jack Jr. and is quite vocal about it. As far as C19 goes, that is. Trust me, you don't want to know what I think about the protesters. (LOL.) Because of Tom's COPD, we're still taking measures to don our PPE, etc. -- but I've never felt so uneasy as I have this month with all the doctors' appointments. Our church is supposed to conduct 'live' services next Sunday, but it will be held outdoors in the back gardens where we can bring our own lawn chairs and try to maintain social distance.

Dar said...

Be mindful, wise, stay safe and distant and most of all PRAY. I volunteered to take my aunt to see a doctor about her severely swollen leg. I was nervous going into the clinic of a highly populated tourist town but her health was more important. Everyone at the clinic was practicing social distancing which made us feel better about being there. I need to see my doctor too but have been and will continue to stay away. I miss church. Our doors are not open yet either but drive-thru communion is available. Stay safe and healthy dear friends from our 'stay at home to yours.'
loven'hugs from our north WI where the strong winds were steady and the sun is shining again. love it

Lisa said...

Ill just say it...”I think its overreacted”.
I believe we have A new virus. Thats just it. I new virus that we are still learning about.
I think if people keep their hands washed and do not get too close to people it will help them from getting or spreading it. Mask are useless.
Why only 10 people at a time in a room? Cant there still be one of them that could be carrying the virus?
And I think we need a new Governor.

Our church has been open since Mothers Day. We just don’t give out free hugs anymore.

Just pray.

yaya said...

Everyone is so afraid of voicing an opinion that it will be taken the wrong way. But is there any wrong anymore? It seems like you have to go along with what ever is out there or be labeled. Over done virus? In my opinion? Yes. I'm a healthcare worker and I'm so over this. Will I get Covid? Maybe...maybe not. Nobody really knows a thing about it so I'm just going about my daily life and giving hugs. Rioting and looting is not protesting, it's being a thug. Not all cops are bad and not all whites or blacks or any other color are good or bad. Can't we all just be a bit kinder? A bit harder working? A bit more apt to forgive? That's just my opinion.