Sunday, June 7, 2020

In the Middle

Cars of beauty:

This was a cute vehicle, the Crosley '49, this was before small was better.

For Monday:

I am a middle of the road type guy. I put myself in the other guys place much of the time. Right now the subject of policemen is high on many people’s mind.

I even have an acquaintance that feels that an ex-military person should not be allowed to be a Law enforcement officer.  Everyone has an opinion. This person has never been in the military, I am not sure about his extended family.

Do you know a police officer? At present I only know one and he is an  internet friend. I have known three as friends in my life. The BEST police officer I have ever known was Claude. He served in the USMC in the South Pacific in WWII before joining the force. Lefty, also South Pacific USMC/ IWO JIMA was a policeman with a ‘sweet personality’. I don’t think there was a mean bone in his body.

Most military men who served in combat and saw death up close and personal have had enough.

I had a BAD experience with a State Patrol Officer who lied on the stand and cost me a half months pay once. But it did not turn me against LEOs. Sure there are bad cops. A preacher told me he had a terrible incident with a Veteran and now he has a rough time giving the VETS a pass just because they served. This preacher had never served. I agreed that serving does not give you a pass in life, but it also should not be a punishment.

I told this preacher I have known crooked preachers. Ones who have taken advantage of ladies in their congregation and some who stole from the church, but on the whole I still trust preachers. LOL

I cannot imagine how I would act, or the feelings of a policeman who answers a call and immediately his squad car is surrounded by yelling people banging on the car, very possibly ready to set it on fire. IF you step on the gas you are going to injure or kill someone, if you stay there my might die. What would you do? Call for back up of course, but in the meantime, WHAT?

I said, I am bad about sticking myself in someone’s skin to see how I would act…..

Please do not take me wrong, we need the right to protest in our country to get changes done that can’t seem to be done any other way. But there is a big difference in rioting and protesting.

Please overlook this if my opinion bothers you. I probably should stick to loving antique cars and pulling down ivy vines. LOL

Love you all,

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jack69 said...

Do we need safeguards when hiring people for public service jobs?

betty said...

I don't know any police and I haven't in my life. I might have to fix that, LOL. We have a few retired policemen who go to our church. Hubby knows some of them and says they are nice guys. We have a off duty policeman that guards the church during services when we were holding them in the building. Most churches here in Phoenix have them present. It makes me feel safe.

There are good and bad of every profession. The police are the same. Sadly it seems like the good police get killed. Phoenix has lost 2 such good policemen in the last 4 years; the most recent back in March, both on domestic violence calls.

I agree, we need protests but not riots and looting. Seems like most protests here at least are peaceful for the past week but our curfew expired today so not sure if it will be extended or not.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is good and bad in all of us. But we need more good policemen for sure. They are dedicated and take the hard road every day. They lives are often in danger and yet they show up doing the best they can do. This protest has had everyone taking a second look as far as the police go. Thankfully I think most are good and we need them. They protect us and save lives more than they take them. I can't even think about being brave enough to get in the middle of the road to direct traffic. To me they are courageous and brave.

Mevely317 said...

Personally, I know of no peace officers. But that doesn't mean I can't empathize with the majority. Even before this 'mess' caught fire across the land, I've marveled at their ability to remain impassive while folks spit on them and worse. (Well, most of them.) How sad that this level of hatred exists solely because of the badge they wear. To answer your question? If it were to come down to a 'me or them' scenario, I'd rather be judged by 9 than carried by 6.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't know any police officers.
I also think in any job there is - teachers - doctors - lawyers - police there can be good and bad. Hopefully most good!
I think it is hard to judge someone though - unless you walk in their shoes.

Susan Kane said...

Yes, there is a huge difference between protesting and rioting. the rioters are not there for the protest. They are there to get away with destruction and theft. They should not be confused.

There have been 2 policemen in my family. Good men. How were they as police? I honestly don't know. Back in the 70s +, there was no accountability. that is exactly what is needed now.

I love that car.

Lisa said...

I have a brother and two cousins that are retired police officers so the blood runs blue in my family.
I hate all this rioting. I personally think they should put time limits on protest. After so many days it needs to end.
Sadly a lot of people do not know how to be peaceful.