Thursday, December 6, 2018

That amazing Answering machine. Obsolete.

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Even before I started the construction company, when we came home after a couple hours away, the first thing mentioned was: Check the answering machine.

Before the answering machine you never knew if you had had any calls. Now at times just for fun when we walk in I will say, “Check the answering machine.”  It was a great invention, and worked very well.

Some of the folk who read this ‘stuff’ can remember the party lines and the ‘sweet sound of: Number please, by the operator before the dial phone came into existence. 

I have had a tough time with our power company. I am supposed to contact them.  I tried. My password no longer worked. So I made a new one. For security they give you some choices on the security questions. One was: “What was your first telephone number including area code.”  I had to laugh because our first telephone number was 4 digits.  Man am I old? In 1954 we moved to Belmont, NC. The phone number was Talmage 5 2366 or TA5-2366 later became 825-2366. Then 704 825 2366.

Long distance calls were expensive, but cheaper after 7PM.  Now with the advances, who in the world would have ever thought someone would rather type (text) rather than talk. WILD

I think some folk can type 50 words a minute with their thumbs using the new created ‘shorthand’.  Anyway this whole post came from someone asking my first telephone # including area code. Area codes were not thought of at the time of our first phone 1943-45.

 I hope I come up with something better within the hour, or you got this. LOL
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 When Sister Shirley passed she had 3 machines much like this. Two were blinking and I could never figure how to retrieve the messages.


Chatty Crone said...

I remember when the number started with an FL - they would say Fleet wood .... do you know what I am talking about? That is old.

Woody said...

I remember Party Lines, Our little town of Edwards had their own Telephone company, owned by the Brown Family, we had a Party line, our # was 2748. I remember Hitchhiking somewhere and calling home collect and asking for Gary Wood, Mother refused the call as she knew it was our way of me telling her I was OK ! Right now we have 26 inches of "Fresh Snow", started at 5AM and still Snowing at 10PM! Stay Warm !!!!!! Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

We still have an answering machine for our land line that I need for work. No one but work has the number but I sure get a lot of calls on it, LOL. I rarely check the messages left, most of them are hand ups I have discovered. I do remember party lines and being caught listening on them when I shouldn't have, LOL :)


Lisa said...

I remember party lines. I also remember calling a certain number just to hear what the temperature was. Things have come a long way and phones are one of them.

Just think, If they would have came out with texting phones before the talking phones, todays kids would be saying “WOW its a phone you can actually talkin in and hear the other person!’


shoel said...

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Mevely317 said...

I'm seriously impressed you can recall your old telephone numbers. I do well to recall that we had last year in Arizona! Not in Los Alamos, but I recall my grandparent's party-line; and yes, those old ladies must've had supersonic hearing. Cranky old things … lol!

It doesn't seem all that long ago, we were thrilled to unpack and set up our answering machine. Boggles my mind to imagine what technology exists 10 years from now!

Rick Watson said...

Our first 4 party-line number was MI 8-5029.