Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Girls, girls, girls

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The here and now:
          Happy New Year
For years the Darnell family has been blessed(? Lol) with Boys. My siblings and I enjoyed 9 boys, no girls. MY Sherry was so hoping she would break the pattern ( or curse!! Ha!) But she had two boys. Now Fine men.
 Jack Jr and his wives brought us 4 BOYS. Mark brought in DIL  Corrine (She was like daughter!), They gave us the first GIRL, a beautiful Sweetheart. Actually the perfect young lady. Sweet, great disposition and absolutely beautiful, Sherry was overjoyed. She was named ‘Sherece’.
Now Sherry could help a little girl feed her doll!

 And she became a beautiful little doll herself.

And never too big for Grandma to hold her.

Mark & Corrine then added two boys to show the boy thing was still around. LOL.
Sherece opened the dam. Grandson Corey brought in 3 GGDs, Grandson Ben gave us Elsie Mae, Sherece then added Stella. Lately Josh/Megan gave us Rosemary and Stephen/Jen added Kennedy. Now Sherry can say I have seen GIRLS! Of the Grandchildren Sherece was out numbered 4 to 1. But now The Great Grand-girls (Maddisson, Chase, Alura Lynn, Elsie Mae, Stella Dawn, Rosemary Elizabeth and Kennedy Grayson outnumber the boys Bridger, Jude and Maverick 7-3.

WOW, it is the end of the year 2018 and guess what? When I went to the rear of the coach to check the oil and see how I was going to route the new rear view camera cable. There was Susie Q, one of my lizards from Deltona. It was 50 degrees here in Peace River and Susie was not moving well. I asked if she wanted my pocket heat and she turned it down. She had talked to Sweet Sue and Johnny Boy and knew they liked it. BUT she was confused, ‘Where are we?’ I told her Peace River. She wanted me to take her back to Deltona because ‘the rest of the lizards are gonna think I was careless and one of the big white birds ate me.’
I told her to just eat some South Florida insects for a few weeks and we would head back to her family and friends. She answered, "No problem, Eddie needs time to cool it, he has been bugging me to marry."
“Well Susie, absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
“I didn’t need to hear that JACK, now check the oil.”

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Rick Watson said...

What a precious family.
Happy New Year to you and yours

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with Rick - a splendid big girt family! Happy New Year. sandie

Lisa said...

You and Sherry are blessed. I wanted a boy but God gave me a girl. Im glad he did but I still always wanted a son. Girls will keep you worried for life. Ill just sit back and wait on grand children. If she ever gets married.


betty said...

That is funny that the girls are now outnumbering the boys. All wonderfully loved though!!



what a lovely family you have.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The grands in my family are almost equally split although I had 6 boys and one daughter who always wanted a sister. She got 6 sister in laws in stead. Our first born was a boy, but DDH wanted a girl and when she came a long she became Daddy's little girl for sure. There is indeed something about a girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Dar said...

No matter the sex, they are all equally precious, aren't they. We have 4 sons and one daughter. Both of Bill's boys have two girls each. My daughter has two boys and my first son has a son and a daughter. Our son, Andy has 4 boys.,so we are blessed with a dozen Grandloves., so that's 5 grandgirls and
7 grandboys...we think our family has settled down some. lol. At the farm we talked about Mama's crew..The 3 youngest of my siblings don't have children but the rest of us gave her 23 grandkids, 40 great grands and 6 great, great grandloves...totaling 69 offspring...amazing how our family has increased multi-fold. There were just 46 of us at the farm for Christmas over 2 days, only 6 of us were there both days. Life is GRAND!!! All of us including all our blog buddies, are Sooooo blessed.!!!!! What a Merry Christmas.
love n' hugs from up north where we are in for a doozy of a snowstorm after today's rain. We are to 'hang on.' I think that means hang onto the snow shovel. lol

Mevely317 said...

So cute about Susie Q's dilemma! Methinks she could be the subject of a new children's book?
My family wasn't near as large as yours, but "Girls, Girls, Girls" might well have described (my) generation. Sadly, there were no boys born to my father or my uncles to carry on the family name. I wonder if people even concern themselves about that sort of thing anymore ….

Susan Kane said...

A nice number of sweetlings!

We have numerous lizards in our desert climate. They are all named Fred. They are now taking a winter's rest.