Sunday, December 2, 2018

Living off the land

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This is a Rolls Royce snow plow. Talking about Class or Money! WOW

Today: A common question in my past life was: When are you going hunting?  Where will it be this year?

Growing up, many of our meals came out of the woods, off the land, the chicken lot and hog pen. I am amazed at the people that cannot stomach the thought of someone harvesting a squirrel, rabbit, turkey or deer for food. 

My mama could make some of the best squirrel gravy. She made some big biscuits to sop the gravy, because if you had only two squirrels the meat did not go far.

(Mama's hen house and chicken house) 

I was trapping rabbits at 5 years old. I let daddy get them out of the 'rabbit box.' We moved from the country to the city and mama could not have a chicken lot and hen house. She missed the fresh eggs from her own chickens. She could wring a chicken's neck in one turn. At that time they still sold live chickens at the grocery store.

I am amazed at people (not Vegans) who put someone down for hunting or trapping. I have heard, "How can someone shoot Bambi?" They never consider that the person hunting will eat that meat same as they do the meat they buy at the store. MOST people are not hunting for sport to kill and let it rot like road kill, but to bring in meat and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Sherry called my attention to one of Dar's entries on FB. I was thrilled that Mama "O", got her deer, a broken 8 pointer rated as 6.  Pay attention, Mrs. "O" is 89 years young. We had the privilege of meeting her in Northern Wisconsin. She is quite the beautiful lady.  We met her thru her daughters, Mel & Dar, who at the time were bloggers. If hitting a deer at 89 years of age doesn’t mean anything to you, you have never been hunting.  And also you have never been old.

Woody, up in the cold of NY, just posted he was headed for the woods to replenish his freezer.  Somehow that bothers a person who enjoys a T-bone or NY Strip. They must have no idea how that cow was slaughtered before it could be cleaned, dressed and parted out. OR, they put it out of their mind that the cow was 'harvested.'  The deer has a fighting chance but not the standing beef.

 I realize the natural chain of LIFE!  The fish eats the worm, I eat the fish. My lizards eat bugs, the birds eat my lizards, a cat will eat the birds, A hawk will take the cat,  the gator will take the hawk if given a chance, etc,,,,,,  Life is real.
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Mevely317 said...

OK, this was a hard one. Ya, I'm one of those 'city girls' who doesn't like to think where her next meal comes from. Don't get me wrong; I'm no fan of the folks at P.E.T.A. Still, after watching my grandmother wring a chicken's neck it was a couple decades before I'd eat chicken. Then one summer, there was the time I made a pet out of one of grandpa's calves … and he teased me, (that) 'Navy' would be my hamburger some day. In my son's words, "Don't ever name your food." (LOL)

Whether I'm 8 or 68, sometimes the circle of life can feel cruel.

betty said...

I respect hunters though haven't ever hunted and probably won't ever hunt. Knew a friend from up in Montana whose husband was an avid hunter and she kind of despised it but learned to tolerate it. He taught their only son how to hunt and one of his rules was "if you shoot it, you have to eat it." Their son wasn't a fan of the squirrel he had to eat but he never shot a squirrel again. Took me a few times to get used to seeing a dead deer in the back of a pick up truck up there in Montana. Its a way of life for some and a way to provide for their families. Who can knock it if it is done in legally and safely.



i don't much like hunting though i understand the reason for it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The circle of life is wonderful and amazing. I learned more about life on visits to a farm and think everyone should do so.

Woody said...

Old Woody has a nice Freezer full of Venison !! Anna Mae has now pickled and canned 3 Deer Hearts. Lots of Steak and Roasts and Stew Meat, I will be taking some of it to some residents here who no longer can hunt, and to some who appreciate adding some meat to their diet. I can remember Grandma Wood at the Hen House, me or a brother would hold a Chicken for her and she would lop off its head with her hand axe and we would throw it as high as we could and then grab it and tie it's feet with baleing twine to side of the barn to bleed out, Sunday Dinner was going to be Chicken and Bisquits, you 2 yake care, sending our warm regards , Gary an Anna Mae !

Chatty Crone said...

I do understand why people live off the land - and use the meat - but i have been born and raised in the city and the thought of it - is something that I can't do personally.

I remember my In Laws - who were Polish - and when we lived in Chicago - they would go to the Polish section of town and pick out a live chicken and they would kill it right there!

Life is so interesting.

Dar said...

Like Mama, it's a way of survival and life for some of us. There was never a deer, chicken, hog or cattle that our family didn't thank for giving their life to feed us. Mom and Dad raised a big family and raising our own protein and poultry was and still is a good life. Mom is the healthiest in the entire family at her 89 yrs. as she canned her venison and froze many packages of steaks, roast and ribs. We are so blessed ! The meat sold in the grocery stores comes from slaughter houses that don't begin to compare to the kind ways that we harvest. We bless that food again at our table. The furs around shoulders, on human heads, the leather purses and wallets also came from an animal that gave itself. Most don't begin to think of that. Thanks Jack for a well written entry. You know what it is to 'live off the land,'and we thank you.
love n' hugs from up north where the estate sale is settled and now we rest in time for our Christmas feasts and celebrations. Have a wonderful week.

Lisa said...

I came from a family where hunting was a sport but the reward was the meat. I remember every Sunday grandma would have a big dinner. She would ring the chicken necks and prepare them for fresh fried chicken. My uncle would always shoot a squirrel or rabbit to add to fry pan. It was all so good. My uncles, cousins and nephew still hunt and fish every season. It’s nothing to me to gut a fish and fry it but I could not shoot an animal though I do not mind eating them.

Love from Gtown