Friday, December 28, 2018

Resolutions… What fool started that?

Automobile’s of Art:
        My first diesel work truck, a ford I don't remember the year..
The here and now:
          Happy New Year
The heading is satire, serious resolutions are great. Even trying counts some, doesn’t it? I am sure I resolved to quit smoking 100 times on New Year’s.  ;-0 (Before it worked) LOL

Not necessarily at a new year, but very often I vow to cut my blog down to 200-300 words. Unless a writer is very good, not many people will stick around for 2000 words.

Years ago on AOL Journals I wrote LLLLONG posts. I have a niece who doesn’t mince words but cut me to the core LOL. In one comment to someone else I read, “I like Uncle Jack’s writing but he is too wordy.” I started counting words and I was doing 1600 to 2000 words. That is a chapter in my books. I checked blogs I enjoyed reading and they were 200-600 words. 

The longest blog I read is ‘Sean of the South’ he is 500-800 words. But the dude can keep your interest. Rick life 101, is short except reprints of columns they are always good. Both are professional writers. So I finally got my entry down to 400 words plus or minus a few. I still want to shoot for 300 and still be sensible. 

At present I have two books in limbo. One family history, and will sell 10 books, to me. ;-) The other, is a dog book tentatively titled “Ace ‘n Me”. This past spring/summer- now winter, they have taken a back seat to my sister’s death and Motorhome blues.

  H. Jack Darnell(writer), Me, and Jack's brother Charles

I get satisfaction from writing. I met H. Jack Darnell (Not to be confused with me) I liked him. He had stacks of hand written journals. I commented on them, he replied, “I’d write if no one read it.”  We are alike in that respect.

I won’t lie though, I get a kick when my books sell in Australia, the UK and Greece.

I also get a kick out of you guys who take time to read the Shipslog.

Heck, life is great!

Nite Shipslog

PS:  While visiting on the country porch in the picture above I laughed , speaking to Charles, "Man, I cannot believe the wrinkles you have and Jack has none."
Without missing a beat he quipped, "Jack never got married!"  We all cracked up.  I love mountain folk.
Jack still types his books on a manual typewriter.



a couple hundred words is a nice blog post.

betty said...

I haven't counted my words that I post but then that's why I think I don't post very often, LOL. I found making goals like I did last year was more productive than making resolutions and I actually achieved close to 95% of what I wanted to accomplish. Now onto 2019 and see what I do with my next list of goals (still a work in progress :)


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Ace 'n Me ��

A happy and blessed new year to you both.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have read some of your books, and I always read your blog. You get no complaints from me on either. I like reading what you have to say but have never taken the time to count the words on either. If something is worth reading, the worlds mean something to me and whether long or short, if I like what I read, I'll keep on reading. Happy New Year to both of you too!

Glenda said...

Pretty sure you are in the category of "professional" writers like 'Sean of the South' and Rick, life 101, along with many other columnists. ijs... Sean does write enjoyable to read stories, however, I prefer your artwork. Those chalk drawings are a part of some wonderful memories. With regard to a word count, I feel a writer should use whatever number it takes to get the point across!

Mevely317 said...

I think 'Ma' just nailed it! Your messages are so enjoyable, I'd never consider taking a 7th-inning stretch! OK, I 'get' where professional journalists are held to a certain number of words … but sometimes they lack emotion. Yours is an authentic voice; I hope you don't go changing!

Chatty Crone said...

I never thought about how many words - now I will. I know I have a hard time reading long ones. I have to be careful!