Wednesday, December 12, 2018

All I have to offer you is ME, Charley Pride

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1961 Nash Metropolitan

This is an end to yesterday's blog.  I was saying Sherry played some Charley Pride:

I don’t know why it hit me so hard, but Charley sang a song, “All I have to offer you is me.”  Words like “The only Gold I have to offer is in a wedding band,” and “No mansions with crystal chandeliers, etc.  All I have to offer you is ME.”

I quit singing along, She looked at me and saw the wet eyes and asked, "What's wrong honey?"

I looked over am my girl and I actually choked up. Remembering a member of the National Honor Society, a beautiful intelligent girl who said “YES” to a HS dropout. I didn’t have enough education for a good job, making $78 a month as a PFC in the USMC. When I married her I did not consider how I would support a family, buy a home and a good car. (I owed $250 on my car with a huge dent in the driver’s side. She took her Christmas savings and paid that so we would have no debts).

After she said YES, I made some promises. Once we passed a house on a hill, she loved it.  Big man, I boasted. “I’ll get you one.”

 LOL  It has been a long journey, lots of bumps. She lived in a Chicken Coop, tent, and a house with no plumbing with two kids.  BUT there was always ME.  And that was in the beginning and for many years.  BUT I had HER love. So, I looked over at that girl who had taken me at face value, and on this trip, at 80 yrs old,My brain put it all in perspective. Together we had made a life. We never went hungry. She alone supported us at times and followed me over a lot of this world.

This is repeating I am sure. My first W-2 form was $946 for the year 1956. Today our property tax alone is  over 8 times that amount.  We have been debt free for many years.  Tears were in my eyes as I drove, because back then, I had nothing to offer a beautiful lady BUT ME. Somehow she had faith in what she was getting. What I didn’t KNOW was her magic and ability to make ends meet. It was she who started me in the direction of general contracting; it was she that insisted we live debt free. 

She never did get that house on hill, but she did get a house on South Main St in her hometown. The only house in town with an indoor heated swimming pool.

That home is long gone now, we graduated to our condos and then on to a nice motor home.  I was 16, she 17 when we fell in love. I was 17 when we married and I moved her into a 200sqft trailer. Now at the age of 80, I tell her in our 62 years I have moved you up 2800sqft then back down to 300sqft, that is still an increase of 100 sqft of living space.

  All this reflecting is because of a simple song that said, “All I have to offer you is ME”. We were remembering two young people whose only asset was true LOVE! 

Our plans are to have a continuing love story until the end.

Thanks for reading the shipslog. 

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PS: I was successful in building. But I have never failed to give her credit for the majority of my success.  Of course she was successful in her own career as a clerk and secretary. She  has a choice of 5 homes or a motorhome, she still prefers the 300sqft Motorhome. That is my girl, still the most beautiful girl in the world.  
What is not understood by many is that she did not get an engagement ring nor a wedding band in the beginning. At the time our church did not accept rings. So she didn't even get the gold band.  I did later correct that and gave her both. 

If you have read this far, I appreciate it. I am glad on a quirk I suggested trying to listen to music.  It must be easier to cry as you age. ;-)


Mevely317 said...

I think I've said this before, but you and Sherry are a Real Life fairy tale! (And no, I never tire of hearing your recollections!)
Have to admit, this is one of Charley Pride's songs I don't recall. Sure was nice to play it on YouTube, tho' and admire the sentiment.
Great, feel-good post!

Woody said...

It is easier to cry as you age, Nothing wrong with "Tears" of endearment and Love that a man has for his wife, friend and companion of many years ! Love your Post, both of them !!!!!!!!! Gary

betty said...

You guys have such a great love story and an inspiration for others! May it continue to last for many years in the future!


Brenda said...

One word-amazing-both of you!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've said it before and will say it again. You all are my favorite couple. You compliment each other so well. What they say about two becoming one is so true and you reflect that in your writing. You never fail to give credit to Sherry for what you have and do. There is no doubt in my mind that the two of you were meant to be. Without expecting any thing more than you, love made all the difference.

Glenda said...

So, "MA" said everything I'd was thinking as I read this post, except ~ beautiful Sherry would have had to search the Carolinas' to find a more handsome, honorable and talented guy to marry ~ match made in heaven....ijs

Lisa said...

Now let me get a tissue!
You two are just adorable. Great love story......I can see this being a good book.
My first wedding band was from a pawn shop but was later replaced with a fat band of gold. However, The first one is still more precious to me.
We never had money and didnt even go on a vacation in the first 3 years of our marriage. We worked for everything we have an never went into debt. We still dont have much but we got good. And I would live in box with my man if I had to.

Sniffleing over here

Dar said...

Oh Jack, I love that Charlie Pride helped you let the tears flow as you recalled how the Love in your lives made the hard times more bearable. Bill and I have close to what you strong enough to carry us onward each day. You do have such a beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing so much of your lives. You are such an inspiration and I'm so glad we got to meet you and Sherry face to face. You are like our friend Fred told me, ...the most genuine folks we will meet, and he was right. I miss Fred and Frances. They were like you two also. Thanks again for sharing ' the rest of your story.'
love n'hugs from up north where we're getting a warming trend.