Thursday, December 20, 2018

All the Way!

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Cars we dated in.... Dad's '59/60 Rambler.
The here and now:   Merry Christmas
I am pretty worn out. Looking forward to ‘shakedown cruise’ of the coach.  I sit here in the COACH in our back yard and listen to it rain. It ‘ain’t’ like a tin roof but I can still hear it. After being home and seeing friends, I remember some of our dates and the term ‘all the way.’ WE ate at several ‘drive-ins’ with curb-hops.
            Dale's '28 Desota
Every part of the country has a saying or food unique to that area. I have a DIL from Pennsylvania and ‘Lebanon Sausage’, as THE BEST!   You can’t have a long conversation with an Alabamian long if food comes up you will hear the words Conecuh Sausage. My mama would only have Duke’s Mayonnaise. 
       Vondale's dad's 1947 Fleetline Chevy
We are sure NC BBQ is best! WE have great BBQ in Concord and Bridges BBQ in Shelby. “R.O.’s BBQ’ Gastonia, is known for its slaw.”
We folks from NC have a staple you will find nowhere else.  It is called Livermush. When the name is mentioned outside our area, folks go: “YUK, liver?” Well to be honest it is made from hog’s head and liver but you do not taste the liver. It is an all-purpose meat, the poor man’s steak or ham. We make sandwiches with it. Have breakfast or even dinner with fried livermush. It is cooked before packaging. It is eaten cold or browned in a skillet.   I enjoy it either way. 
 My 1948 Chevy Convertable

Mama came to visit us in Missouri once. I mentioned missing livermush. Daddy went to the store and got the stuff and mama made us a dishpan full!  Livermush is similar I guess, BUT not to be confused with Scrapple.
There is no limit to this subject. What is unique in your area?
Oh yeah the reason for this entry. When I got away from home in service I learned Hot Dogs are not always Hot Dogs. I had friends who would eat a Coney Island. It wasn’t really a hot dog. It was a wienie in a cold bun with ‘maybe’ mustard or ketchup. If my friend was adventurous he put both on it, EVERYTIME I laughed. My mama would have cried.  
My (then our) 1950 Chevy Coupe

You have heard the term ‘All the way’ I am sure. Well mama’s dogs went all the way,Mustard, ketchup, chili, onions and slaw”. 'All-the-way' is a common statement around home (a couple different meanings). When I was in NC I ate at the Dairy Queen and Tony’s Ice Cream place. Sherry had a ‘balony sandwich’ (That is how we say bologna) with onion, lettuce, mayo and tomato. I had two Hot Dogs All The way.  I had the same at Dairy Queen. To my surprise, Dairy Queen’s was best.
Nite Shipslog
PS: Yeah I was just a kid, 16-17 when we were dating, I tried that, ‘all the way’ thing I had heard about. But my girl said, “You gotta have a license to hunt in that area!” The only ‘all the way’ thing she agreed to was HOT DOGS!
Since I am a determined boy, with her consent, we got a license. Much better than Dairy Queen Hot dogs All the way!  
(Imma get beat-up for this!)


betty said...

I don't think you're going to be beat up. Maybe put in the doghouse for a day or two though :) I haven't heard that term "all the way" in relation to food. I think I've mainly heard it as all the fixings or everything on it. Now I'm hungry for a hot dog.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ho, Ho, ho....jingle all the one of my favorite sayings this time of year! Yes, I agree with Betty, I may have to have a hot dog today! We had lots of rain here today. There is a lake in my yard, but I think all the ducks went south for the winter ! Ha! You may see some from Ohio there!

Glenda said...

Thanks for the smiles, do hope you survive the beating!!!

Mevely317 said...

LOL! I've never been a fan of hot dogs, but that's practically blasphemy to my Chicago-dawg-loving hubby. I didn't realize those folks took their dawgs so seriously, but I just asked him to remind me, what constitutes a 'real' hot dog: Vienna sausage, mustard, relish, tomato, onion or cucumber and celery salt. Like Sherry, I love me a good baloney sandwich!

Lisa said...

It's hard to find a hot dog "all the way". I think only in the South do they put chili onion and slaw on it. I ordered a hot dog from a Nathans in a local mall food court. I said all the way. It came with just ketchup. I went back and asked for chili, they put it in a cup. I gave up and ate it anyway. Liver mush is the best! I like if fried crispy with mustard and onion. And I eat my bolony sandwiches like I eat my hot dogs. ALL THE WAY!.

Finally Friday

Dar said...

We say ' with the works ' when we want everything on top, like pizza with the works includes all the toppings available. One of our favorites up north is the Friday Night Fish Fry which is deep fried cod or Poor Man's which is boiled cod with a side of melted butter for dipping. I've never heard of livermush , sounds unusual. As for a hot dog, I like mine with chili and raw onions. Now I'm hungry and I don't care for hotdogs all that much unless they are skin-on. :)
loven'hugs from up north where I heard Santa's reindeer prancing on the top roof last night as the ice cracked and crashed to the kitchen rooftop.


i learned something new here tonight. i have never in my whole life heard of Livermush. now i have.