Saturday, December 29, 2018

Let me tell you about Christmas day at our motor home.

Automobiles of Art

 My first work truck, '50 Chevy
Today: Happy New Year

Sherry gave me a Big Merry Christmas kiss, you knew that, didn’t you? I promised to do breakfast and supper. (I am the omelet chef after watching the dudes’ on one cruise ship do it.)
I prepared my omelet ingredients the night before: Ham, tomato, cheese, onion and carrots. I precooked the carrots night before. I always use Mrs. Dash since I know NOTHING of herbs and spices, so some of ‘em gotta be right. My ‘mainest’ job every night is to set up our Mr. Coffee. Sherry turned on the coffee.
I buttered the pan, sprayed it with the ‘this ain’t never gonna stick stuff’, and sautéed the onions. When the onions were about done, I threw the cold carrots in to warm them up. Everything is going great. I whipped up 4 eggs, sprayed the pan again and egged it. I made two heaping spoons of grits.
Then I heard 
Sherry say, “It is just water.”  I looked and immediately realized I had not put coffee grounds in the pot. We had a good laugh and Sherry dumped the water and fixed it.
I continued my masterpiece adding all the ingredients as the eggs congealed or hardened, whatever. I grated mild cheddar. 
It all looked great, now the ‘chef thing’. I slid that dude out and flipped the last half onto the first, sealing the deal. Perfect, I did it without a missed heartbeat. The omelet was perfect. I took a note from a chef’s book and saved a hand full of ingredients to spread across the top, it was pretty. Now we had coffee. I had thawed two biscuits Sherry had frozen and heated them in the toaster oven.
We had jelly and butter to go with the omelet. It was a great Christmas breakfast, with the best of company!
For supper (dinner) I pressured chicken quarters in broth, made rice and gravy. We usually have peas, but alas I could find no peas, so I had to substitute mixed veggies. That doesn’t work as well, I usually have peas with onion and carrots, I add a little stevia (for the carrots) and garlic of course. I also serve candied Cranberry sauce.
I serve the Thigh over rice. We keep the legs and mix all leftovers for soup the next day.
Nite Shipslog
I was reminded of this because we just ate the left over soup, it had been frozen. We  added peas, it was perfect!
 Same work truck, Nephew Ted, a hero, painted it for me.


betty said...

Sounded like mighty fine meals at your place on Christmas! I bet you won't forget to put the coffee grounds in the coffee maker again any time soon!



your christmas meals sound scrumptious. yummy.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You did eat well for sure and like you say in the best of company. Good for you making both breakfast and dinner. I'm sure Sherry appreciated it. I know I always love to have someone else cook for me. Sounds like a very merry Christmas there ! And a happy New year will soon be here !

Lisa said...

You have me drooling over that omlet. I love to make omlets but mine are not near the master piece as yours. I just spray the pan, ad the beatn egg (or egg beater substitute) then add spinach and cheese. Ive never thought of carrots in an omlet but it sound delicious! Grits are one of my favorite sides at breakfast. I still try to stay away from biscuits because I have a tendancy to over with them. Same with doughnuts. Haha.

My traditional Christmas Breakfast is homemade suasage balls, egg and grits. We try to eat light because we plan to eat so much during the day.

Happy Sunday

Glenda said...

That omelet sounds great, as does the dinner meal, yum. Your nephew transformed that pick up truck with his paint job, wow!!!

Mevely317 said...

I've done the same thing, forgetting to put a coffee pod in the Keurig. Unfortunately, once Tom put his coffee mug under the spout … upside down!
I love me a hearty omelet, but your 'appetizer' sounds like the best taste of the day! :)

Rick Watson said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal (in the morning). :)

Jean said...

I'm home after a week with Shawn's and his family in Texas. Had a great time and Christmas. I had an extra day due to bad weather and flight delay. Your Christmas meal sounds wonderful. Happy New Years to you and Sherry.

Dar said...

Oh my heart on your beautiful work truck... what a beaut of my birth year.
Sherry to the rescue on the coffee, I've done the same thing.....the hot coffee and tea works in such a blunder. :-). Your omelet sounds like more.
Have you ever had a hashbrown omelet? Bill's favorite. I'll eat um'all.
As for that truck........I'm in love.
loven'hugs from up north where there's a chill in the air, temps in the low teens and below zero at night. Snuggle weather. Happy New Year Jack n' Sherry

Dar said...

oops, the hot ' water ' and tea I'm day dreaming