Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing

Automobile’s of Art:
 A muddy Iowa road, coulda been most any state!

The here and now:
Breaking news: (re: last nite's blog) There is GGrand Rosemary too, with a birthday near Christmas, I corrected that! She will be a 'Me too' when she is old enough.
Great comments last nite;  Betty gets a 'gold star'.

          Nostalgia, Do you ever review your ‘Blogs I Follow’ list? Why I picked now, I do not know. I have many 'followed blogs' that ‘stop at 2 yrs ago.’ Blogger did something and Facebook became a more attractive option and some just died.  Odd how the human mind can miss someone you never met. I think of ‘Just Bill’ in a senior home in Colorado, his last entry was upbeat. Then he passed. I miss  Morton who suffers with MS, Ally ‘Life with Ally’ over in the UK, and Brit’s Blog. She had something in common with Sherry, being married to a USN Chief.
          I am reminded of ‘Roses are Read’ when I go thru my car picture collection, she sent me some good ones.  Friend Fred (Fred Alton’s page) up in Tennessee. A friend from the 1950s. He and his wife Frances spent a lifetime in Africa. He passed away before getting to do two things that he wanted to do.   He wanted to go to Wisconsin and visit  Mel and Dar  after meeting them on Blogger. He also wanted to visit as many country churches as possible before he died and tell them about the real Africa.
          The young mother, Bonnie of Organic Discourse told me she had a fast moving Cancer with no chance of parole. She died only a few days later, I miss her. Not everyone passes, they just go to FB or quit. Helen of My everyday life and Debbie of Boondocks and flapdoodle,  Ora  of  Ora’s odd Odyssey,  Jean of Opp (comments still),  Sheila of Southern Comfort and  Pauline’s country tales are on FB and at times Sherry will give me an update.. 
          Many find it's easier to interact on FB. I don’t blame them, I just miss 'em. I do miss the blogs of Mel, Darsue and Cher the three sisters of the Big ‘O’ family. Dar still comments on the Shipslog.
          As I go thru the list I cannot name them all, but I see a pattern of many people dropping off at the 3 and 2 year ago mark. Salemslot9 mentioned that Jimmy of Jimmy’s journal had passed. That is a shocker. I cannot find a thing about it. 
          There must be 50 more on that list I am missing. I cannot name them all. But their blog titles brings back memories.

          As my grands are prone to say, “It is what it IS”. That is a fact.   I never fault folk for following their own minds.  The blogger community has decreased, but I do enjoy you guys who comment and EVERYONE who reads this drivel.  
                 Merry Christmas to you.....
          Is there a special blogger you miss at this Christmas time? I want you each to know you are special to me and this is one of my favorite times of the day, reading, commenting and posting. It does give our minds some exercise. When you are my age (about to be old) that is very important.
          Love to you guys
Nite Shipslog


Woody said...

First, Merry Christmas, and a Wish for a Happy, Healthy New Year, I do miss some Bloggers, there used to be so many, I am surprised to hear Jimmy passed Over.
Well, gotta relax and let dinner settle!!!!!!
take care ! Gary an Anna Mae !

Jackie said...

I know, Jack.
I was thinking the same thing.
And....I am guilty. I find myself on Facebook more and on Blogger less. But, I have made so many wonderful friends on Blogger.
I don't want to lose a single one of them.
What a joy to continue to blog...even though I'm not as faithful to it as I used to be.
You are one of the most faithful bloggers I've ever met.
I feel like we are "old" friends.
Sending you and your sweet heart many hugs and much love.
Would it be possible to get an updated mailing address for you and Sherry? I would love to have it.
Nuther hug,


merry christmas. you and sherry mean the world to me with all your posts.

Lisa said...

I have recently Joined Instagram. Instagram is big for bloggers. It is sorta like its own blog world and this is now where most bloggers go to share pictures, feeds, Giveaways and promote brands. Its crazy. I sort of like it because I use it to draw people to my actual blog. If I share a link on Facebook (to my blog for example) No one on face book can see it on news feeds. Facebook blocks “link” pages to just vewable from ones profile.
I love reading blogs and writing post. I get behind sometimes but I ive have really increased my stories this year. Blogging is relaxing, creative and fun. It’s an outlet. I like sharing a story instead of a sentence. I’m not going anywhere soon.

Blog buddies for life

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you, I do miss the bloggers that no longer post. We do develop a friendship over the years. I too have many on my reading list that haven't made a post in several years. I am very thankful for the ones that write something every day, like you. I love keeping in touch with each and every one. Hope you and Sherry had a Merry Christmas day down there in Florida. It was a quiet day here, with the exception of two long phone visits from my two sons that live out of state. Our family celebration will be this coming Saturday. That will not be a quiet day. Ha!

Mevely317 said...

"Long time passing …" How I used to love singing that song!
Judging from your thoughts and others' comments, I don't feel like such a Lone Ranger. I can SO relate to what you said about missing someone you've never met. (Plus, if you don't know their 'back story' it's impossible to check newspapers or hospitals.)

I don't want to go into too much detail here, since I've an itch to 'borrow' your train of thought for a post of my own. (Forget ingenuity. The sincerest form of flattery is plagiarism. Ha!)

Love you guys!

Mevely317 said...

Me again. Yikes! I meant to type 'imitation' … not ingenuity. (I'll bet Sherry caught that!)

Dar said...

When dear Bill's eyes started going so bad, finally to the loss of vision of his shootin' eye, that's when we ran one to two hours for appt's for him. It was the demise of my blogging. We moved lil'sis home from TX after her hubby passed, started working potato and pumpkin fields, road-running with lil' sis one family home to another, been gone ever since. I was on FB less than a yr., had enough. To this day, I'm tired by the day's end (which was when I blogged), so never got back after it. I keep saying, 'one day soon' which hasn't come yet. I DO miss it and my friends I found like Betsy the waterfall hiker, sister's Mel n'Cher, Fred, how I loved that guy and his sweet Frances. We would have loved sitting on the deck hearing about their African mission work and sharing a meal with them. Awww~~~in a greater place perhaps. Lucy, Paula, Woody, Jean, so many now that I think of it. To this day I found a great fello grandma and Christian in Sandie. Life has been wonderful through new friendships. Perhaps soon~~~~~~~~~~
loven'hugs from up north where Christmas with family was another fantastic one filled with so many sweet memories.

Glenda said...

That lovely scrollwork across the signature line reminds me of a fireplace mantel trimmed with holly, just beautiful.
I confess that I rarely followed other bloggers, seems like life has been so busy there wasn't time. However, I know from your comments about those you've read that your knowledge of the world around you has been enriched and that's a wonderful thing!

There is always something in your blog that brings a smile!

betty said...

Hope you guys had a great Christmas! Thanks for enjoying my comment from the other day! I do wonder about some people with their blogs and where they went to. Some do eventually post something down the line but then never really get back to it. Facebook is okay but not the same as blogging me things, that's why I keep doing it!


Rick Watson said...

I did not realize that Bonnie has died. That breaks my heart.