Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ants and Lizards

Automobile’s of Art:
 This beauty comes from a collection in Gastonia,NC One of the first 4door convertibles mid 30s Ford product .

The here and now:
Merry Christmas'Love
Do you wonder about creatures,insects and such?  We once had a hummingbird feeder hung from a line from the rafter of a 16’ RV port. In a week it was covered with ants! How in the world can an ant know or find that sweet water that is actually 24 feet from the ground one way. That distance is over 1200 times the length of its body away and hanging 8 feet from the ground. To leave the base of the port pole and return is at least 48 feet.
Compare that to a human, somehow sense that someone is cooking a hamburger 4.90908 miles away and the human starts wandering around attempting to find it.
 My lizards love ants and other insects

I understand ants have ‘scouts’ but how do they give directions back to the sweetwater once they find it?

This all started with me finding that same Feeder here, loading it and hanging it so we can sit on the back porch and watch, if we have any homey hummingbirds. LOL This time I put a little bug killer in the top of the feeder.

I am hoping we have some stubborn homeys that did not go to Mexico. I did not realize that humming birds are only in the Americas and that they winter in Mexico and South America. 

This Lizard is visiting Mr. Bird
My lizard population must be up to two thousand. Sherry has just about gotten used to my talking to them. Without calling out,  ‘Are you talking to me?’.
 My lizards even try to eat Mr. Concrete man's hamburger.

I just mailed off a short lizard story to Elsie and Stella about Johnny boy and Sweet Sue. Inspired when I noticed I could pet the lizards in the chill, being cold blooded, they move very slow in the cold, it was about 38 degrees. So I made up a story about the two lizards asking if I could warm them up. They went into my pocket to get warm and I forgot about them, etc. When a lady came by raising money to help some terrorists who were being held in jail, the two lizards climbed out of my pocket and up on my shoulder to be introduced and the lady ran off screaming… LOL
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betty said...

I bet Elsie and Stella liked your lizard story. Lizards dart around too much for me to really "like" them. I like when they stay in their part of the yard and I'll stay in mine, LOL :)



the lizard story sounds cool.

Lisa said...

I think lizards are so cute. Ants, no so much. I stopped using a humming bird feeder because of all those ants. I once saw an ant walking throught the parking lot at my work carrying 1/4 of a cookie! He was struggling but I actually moved out of his way so he could get by.

Sunny and 40 in Gtown

Mevely317 said...

I agree with Terre … the lizard story has me intrigued! Any chance you might share it with your blog family?
We've only spotted one or two lizards here … a far cry from Arizona. Still, our dogs think that's the great thing since sliced cheese. Hopefully, this recent cold snap won't him/them down while the dogs are out and about!

Glenda said...

Ditto comments on the lizard story, too cute. Any chance you could get Jack, Jr. or Mark to do a video of "Smucker's Peanut Butter" you could send to those grands?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ever since I've moved here, I have had ants. I spay for them and although the bottle says than an application is good for 12 months. These ants of mine must be immune to it. I get rid of them for a month or two then they come back. I saw a scout on the kitchen counter this morning and sprayed again. We'll see now if I have visitors for Christmas. Ha ! It's cold and the temps are freezing so hopefully they will be absent for awhile. No lizards live here in Ohio, but one of my son's has one for a pet that is in a tank in their family room. They talk to it too. You are in good company!

Dar said...

I rarely see lizards up north except occasionally in the heat of summer. If they're anything like their reptile cousins, the frogs and toads, they would bury themselves and hibernate where we are so cold, or find a deep cellar for the winter. As for those pesky ants, when I see a hill I go for my near organic remedy...a mix of sugar which draws them, and borax which explodes them. So far, it works. Not so sure I'd use bug killer in the top of the hummingbird feeder tho. It could seep into the sugar water and kill your hummers, my dear.
love n' hugs from up north where gentle flakes flew again today...right after Big Bill shoveled the deck. :/