Saturday, December 8, 2018

Stories and Bedtime stories

Automobile’s of Art:
 Jack Jr on our 1955 Ford (One tough car)

The here and now:
Merry Christmas'Love
So  Some of my favorite memories in my child hood was mama’s good night stories and stories told around the fireplace eating parched p-nuts.
Th  That carried over to one of my favorite occupations, professional story telling. With Sherry’s help we have storied from Cuba to Canada. I used many props, from robots to puppets. From explosives to chalk.  My favorite time (the challenge) inviting a kid to the chalk board and letting them make a mark, using a chalk of their choosing, then to draw a picture and tell a story about the picture.
Ev  Then more of a thrill personally was to see the grand kids enjoy a story. The older grands got to attend some of the appointments with us.
For for a few years we had a yearly tradition of taking the grands camping at Kings Mountain State Park. During that time we would spend a day at the Cleveland County Fair. Every night was story telling time.
On When I started going deaf, I could no longer talk to groups, so I tried to fill in the time writing. That is when I learned it takes many words to describe something that body language and facial expressions convey in a second. I also learned from ‘proofers’ that I should not have been a dropout, and studied more while there.
I   I know two columnists, Cousin Ken and Rick of ‘life 101’. Both educated men. I enjoy their writing and can appreciate their time to hone their futures thru higher education.
On In a complicated and tough job, once a mason said to me,  “Jack, I’m gonna make YOU look good.” (He did!)  I am blessed in my writing that I have had proofers that ‘made me look better’, if not ‘good’ in some cases. It is good that life allows us dropouts to still enjoy trying to be writers. (Thank God for Self-Publishing) for years that was called ‘Vanity Publishing, ‘ and it really is.  LOL

 That is Glenda holding Jack Jr in Missouri
 Th This  is Jack Jr and Glenda when they both happened to meet here in Deltona last year, JJ down from NC and Glenda up from Okee.
Glenda who now lives in ‘Choobee’ (Okeechobee), comments here. She was a sweet kid when we first met in Missouri and I was in the USAF. She still remembers one of my stories, a classic, ‘Smucker’s P-nut Butter’.  Kids loved it. Funny she remembers that since the late 1950s. It is a story just about impossible to put into words. Because takes a lot of voice changes, facial and body language.  ;-)
Stories have been very important in putting my life together.. LOL
Do kids still get to enjoy bed time stories?
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Rick Watson said...

You tell a great story Jack. Thanks for the shout-out. Like you, had I realized I wanted to be a writer, I would have paid better attention in English class.
I love the Ford Fairlane. My sister had a baby blue 1956 Crown Vic. It was a stunning car.

Susan Kane said...

When something is taken away, God replaces it with something even grander.

Glenda said...

Without a doubt, your stories and skits were the highlight of our youthful church group, and the amazing chalk drawings kept us fascinated. We were an audience in training for your writing career! You and Sherry have always meant so much to so many.

Dar said...

The stories and book and coin tricks you shared with us and our inquisitive grandson are still remembered fondly. You have such a wonderful knack with connecting with people. I admire ya for it. It's your imaginative personality and Sherry's quiet calm that makes you two the perfect couple. We love you.
Have a wonder-filled Christmastime.
loven'hugs from up north where, Baby, It's Cold Outside~!!! literally

betty said...

You had a great talent with your spoken stories and now a great talent with your written ones. I'm sure when you "performed" everyone did indeed enjoy listening. I know I do enjoy reading your writings!


Mevely317 said...

I remember my mother reading me children's Bible stories. But daddy's "made up" stories were the best. I believed he was the smartest guy in the world!

Mevely317 said...

Oops! I didn't mean to hit the 'go' button!
This.Post! About half-way through I caught myself thinking, "How I wish Sean Dietrich might read this." (Do you suppose he does?)

Lisa said...

I think you are very talented and I just can figure out how you do all you do now. Travel, fix things, blog and write books. You impress me. Maybe one day I can write a book. I just have no Idea where Id start. My life after 20 is pretty interesting but it would have to be in series and would be a mix of abuse, miracles and love, but , Im not a wriiter and barely even can get a blog post out a couple times a week.