Friday, December 7, 2018


******** Automobile’s of Art:

The here and now:   Merry Christmas

NEW Windshields

 I know you cannot tell much with the camouflage nets out front. The nets are there for our neighbors privacy, not ours. we would be looking directly into his back yard.

The camouflage prevents seeing NO cracks and no light around the edge. They did a great job on these.
Entrance steps, I did 'em, they trimmed out the top edge:

Living room flooring, we love it.
 The green hue is from the sun and the little white dog below on the floor is also a product of the sun! LOL

The Refrigerator:


I did some modifying on this. That refrig actually protruded 4 more inches. I rerouted the ice maker water supply and the electric and got a little more room, We B Tickled now. It is making ice!
We have been very happy with KARV repair. It is a family business, the family is from Bulgaria.

 I enjoy the comments and many times it kicks in ideas and thoughts. Never realized stiletto heels would dig into Berber carpet.  Most of my houses were one color inside and usually neutral colors. 

Son Mark the builder is more in tune with today, he does bright red or green kitchens and one wall a different color randomly as it strikes his fancy.

One last thing about the construction business. I was surprised once by Ms. Fleeta who said, “I do not want towel racks or rings. No tooth paste holders or toilet tissue holder. She said I want nothing showing in the bathroom except the essentials. I do not like clutter.”  My feeling was, you like it, I like it. To each his own.
Merry Christmastime

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betty said...

Yea!!! I bet you and Sherry are so thrilled to have your home back with you! I like the flooring! Very nicely done!! So good too to have a fridge that makes the ice you want to be made! Now go out and enjoy it now that it is back home with you.


Jean said...

I'm glad to here you have your home on wheels back. It look so nice i know y'all can't wait now to hit the road again. You know I've never owned a refrigerator that had an ice maker. Maybe my next one will have one they are so nice to have. Take care. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's like getting an early Christmas gift to get your wheel estate back. I'm sure you are busy moving all the things back in to your home to get ready for the next trip out! Looks like you have a new place there. Love the floor and the fridge. Merry Merry Christmas!

Mevely317 said...

I'm soooo happy for the two of you! Merry Christmas, early! That new flooring looks great. I hope I get to see it up close and personal some day!

bobbie said...

Congratulations on getting your wheel-estate back!! Where to next?

Glenda said...

Your home renovation is gorgeous, especially love the black fridge and variegated wooden flooring, just beautiful! "Oh Happy Day" to be back in your favorite space!!! Merry Christmastime to y'all.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I love it - it is beautiful and I can tell you do too! I know you are happy - so when are you leaving?????

Woody said...

Nice you have you "Home" back, really like the flooring ! So, Where are the 2 of you "Off to now" ? Enjoy, Gary

Rick Watson said...

There is no place like home. I’m happy y’all are back in yours.

Dar said...

Sorry I'm so late........been out and about all yesterday...SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY YOU HAVE YOUR HOME BACK~you are obviously thrilled with all the changes. Looks absolutely new and beautiful. So back On the Road Again like Willy.
love n' hugs from up north where there's a chill in our winter air with a dampness that's inflicting my bones..........brrrrrrrrrrrr