Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The auto trip…

Autos of beauty,
                             The 1960 Chrysler Dart

This trip up was DIFFERENT.  First of all we do not like packing, seems we miss something each time we do.  I make lists.  It is hard to think of the things that have been added that “YOU MUST” pack.
To start with, I cannot forget MY cochlear device Batteries, I use 12 a week. Each night my Cochlear Devices must go in a small oven to be sprayed with ultraviolet lite and a little warmth. During the night of course I am deaf.  (I forgot that little cooker once). It also has a charger.

Then there is the tablet and of course a charger.  Two phones and 3chargers, one for the fitbits.

 My Amazon  Fire and charger and Electric razor and charger . (then you must find outlets for them all. LOL

But, “BY DIFFERENT” THIS TIME I listened to some CDs as we came up the road. I have explained music is not a lot of fun for me. I cannot distinguish well between a Saxophone and a piano. Many voices I cannot understand because they are very low (bass) or extremely soft or very high. BUT hey, it is Christmas so I asked Sherry to see what we had in the dash. SHUCKS, The CD by Josh and Stephen was missing from its case (Our talented grandsons (twins)). So She put on a couple more, I could UNDERSTAND  one artist, I did not know him. A couple hundred miles into the  trip,  she put on one of my old time favorites, Charley Pride. I could understand the words, mostly because I knew some of the songs. Charlie did it. Dadgummet, I felt tears well up.
Now I must ask you. Can you remember a time you did something out of passion with no logic, because it was something you wanted to do, but honestly did not think it through or understand the real consequences?  Have you ever done something when you really were not prepared for the weight of the decision?

This is going to take two entries, This is the first of a continuing story.

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Woody said...

Good Part one, now waiting for Part 2 of this Post, I know all too well the Packing, 3 pill containers, a Nubulizer for Breathing Treatments, neck wrap for my Arthritis, 5% Lidocain Patches for my Rotator Cuff. And Chargers for phones !

betty said...

I remember packing for trips when the kids were younger. I tried to always make sure to pack what we needed, but I remember saying as long as I packed the medicine that daughter needed, the rest we could always get along the way if we forgot anything. We rarely forgot anything and thankfully never her medicine. I have recently done something out of passion (and perhaps an extra glass of wine) that was with no logic, but it was the right thing to do, even though some around me may not agree with it, but deep down, I do know it was the right thing and opened up healing where healing needed to be opened up.


Chatty Crone said...

You use 12 batteries a week?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I always forget something when packing. And it is always different.

Lisa said...

I used to get very anxious about packing, always feeling like I forgot something. That got better once I realized there is a Walmart on every corner. They even have undies. (Dont ask).
I have a little bag that I toss all my cords and chargers in. We also have at least two of everything and keep a set in the camper at all times just in case.
Now check your fitbit messages on the app, I think I sent you a friend request via email.

Off to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

To answer your question, yes I have done things, many, that I have done out of compassion and didn't consider the consequence. One was a puppy found in the bushes. Little did I know that she would never be house trained...we called her puddle dump for obvious reasons. Ha !

Mevely317 said...

When mother was living in Port Charlotte, I kept a bag of duplicates at the ready. But my REAL crutch/help mate was an Excel spreadsheet of every stinkin' thing I might imagine. (Even Q-tips, lol.)

I'm sure I've done many fool-headed things … some I can't talk about to this day. On the plus side, come near to the end of my life I won't be saying, "What if?"

BTW, I LOVED Charlie Pride. Yes, there are definitely some songs whose trigger memories down my cheeks. Anxious to hear the rest of your story!

Dar said...

On a 2 week long camping trip, we got to week 2 and as I looked for the rest of our 'cash' for the fun stuff, I couldn't find it. Lo and behold, I admitted it was still home because ' It wasn't on the LIST.' Nuff said.
I have also acted with good intentions without a thought....sometimes it just doesn't work as we wish and sometimes it does. One equalizes another most times. Anxious to hear ' the rest of the story.'
loven'hugs from up north where the summer sausage successfully was smoked today and the rest of the prep for our weekend Christmas with the kids is done..now to rest a day before the festivities.