Wednesday, December 5, 2018

About that carpet/hardware

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Choices in building. I mentioned in one blog entry about choices in Carpet and hardwood. As a builder I preferred ‘speculative building.’  I bought the lots, picked a plan that fit the neighborhood, built it and sold it.  Normally every decision was mine. I have mentioned before the agreement with my wife: I would never build a home in which we would not be happy to live. Because it is possible you might just have to live there.
 As a builder I could go to a lighting shop and pick out every light fixture in less than 30 minutes and be on my way. Carpet and paint colors the same. Many buyers took a week and more for such decisions. I have repainted a couple rooms to suit a buyer.
Many of the homes sold before all the choices were made so the buyer was responsible by a certain date to give me their choices. MA’s comment about her house being wall to wall carpet except the kitchen and bathroom reminded me of one specific couple from South Africa. The wife picked the carpet, Berber design. I handed her the vinyl samples for the kitchen. She stated, “I want the kitchen and bathroom done in the same carpet.” That surprised me and I wondered what that would look like in a few years.
Five years later I happened to visit,  that carpet looked NEW. I thought, they eat out a lot or the neatest people I knew.  LOL
Funny before I built on that lot, a gentleman wanted a two story house built. His plans had no closets in the house. Very simple to build of course but very limited marketing ability if he defaulted on our agreement. I politely told him if he paid up front I would be glad to build anything he wanted. Otherwise I had to build something I could resale in case he died before the house was finished***. I never heard from him again. Note: He preferred the flexibility of the armoire.

***Ever hear Andy Griffin’s song: “Round pool table two feet high?”
Every occupation has its moments of interest. 

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PS:  A Round Pool Table by Andy


NanaDiana said...

I have rehabbed so many houses that I can go to a lighting outlet and get all my lights in one fell swoop....same with flooring. It was one of the best parts of all the rehabs we did.
I think we are going to build a small home here come Spring. My son has a builder lined up to do 4 spec homes and I think we will take one of the lots and have him build us a home. There are 50 lots there, some woods and a view of the bay and close to my kids.
Life is full of changes,isn't it?

That is quite a comical story about the carpet in the kitchen and bathroom. I would NEVER do I am not fond of berber to begin with.

I hope you and Sherry have a wonderful night- Hugs- Diana

betty said...

I'm not good at picking out colors, but hubby is and he can do it rather quickly. I like our white walls and can't imagine them too many other colors myself though who knows down the line?


Lisa said...

The house we live in now, was a repo. We had to do a lot of inside work. They had blue rooms, red rooms and purple rooms with gold carpet. It was terrible. I always ask “why the do that?”
We are pretty basic so we fixed er up and add hard woods throughout except 3 bedrooms in which we added a nutural carpet and the baths we added vinyl tile (which I hate). All of our walls are painted an off white and trimmed in white. I prefer nutral colors so I can change the curtains, furniture or decoration to any color choice without a remodel.
I love hardwoods in the kitcen the best!

24 and frosty

Mevely317 said...

I hope I'll never have to choose a paint swatch again. (Oh wait, Tom wants to stain the cabinets … another sigh for another post.) Seriously, where on earth do they all come from?

Your mention of the Berber made my mouth gape. I can only presume no-one wearing stiletto heels ever set foot in that house. (Ya, I'm speaking from experience.)

Hugs from a beautiful 28* Alabama!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my I cannot imagine any one having kitchen and bath carpet. Like you said they had to have eaten out a lot and were super clean. For me it's easier just wipe up a tile floor than to scrub carpeting. Most new homes I've seen have come with neutral colored walls. It's up to the buyer to change it if they want. I can see why you'd want to do speculative building. Every person has there own likes and dislikes. Here every wall in the house is a beige color, but the furniture and decorative items make each one look different. I've no desire to change it. Right now it looks super festive here with the Christmas decorations and the challenge I have every year is what to do when those decorations come down. By the end of January I'm usually putting up Valentines Day decor. I like things to look bright and happy no matter what the season.

Dar said...

A rental I had in the early 70's had indoor/outdoor carpeting in the kitchen...I moved. Bill and I put tile in the bathroom/laundry and I love, LOVE it! I wish it was also in the kitchen or hardwood like we covered with laminate flooring we hate. The hardwood had no insulation under it and we could see thru to the basement in this 140 yr. old house....before we die tho, there WILL be hardwood again but done right. I don't mind the carpeting in the bedrooms. Feels good underfoot but NEVER berber. Your decision to go hardwood sounds so beautiful. Oh, I'd be lost without my
loven'hugs from up north where we just came home from visits at the nursing home. Life is good for Uncle Bob where he says he's well fed, warm and does a lot of visiting and napping.