Sunday, July 29, 2018

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Collections, does everyone have one, or a few? I am learning that the hard way. When Shirl’s husband Jim passed away we spent over a month, full time, erasing his ‘collections!’ He collected hubcaps (thousands, not an exaggeration) He collected cars (12-14). He collected computers (about a hundred). He collected car parts (three large buildings). He collected toys (piles of them).

Just after most of the collections were dispersed.  Shirl vowed no one would have to go through her stuff, she would get rid of it first. Guess what? Yeah, you guessed it, that did not happen. 

I was working on a bathroom once just after a close friend died. The son was storming thru the house, looking for insurance papers. I heard him make this statement, "Daddy thought he was going to live forever!" 

I don't think I said it, but I wanted to ask, "When do you plan on dying, is your date set?"  The father died fast & unexpected, just like Shirl, TOO FAST!

Of course no lady thinks she has too many shoes, sweaters, pants or tops. No one thinks they have too many suit cases, bags, purses and gift bags. 

Anyway it has been an education how much one can obtain in 82 years. LOL

Shirl loved lamps, she had a collection that is for sure. We have given much away. For a while after she moved into our ‘condo’ she entertained. Once she got involved with a band, they jammed a lot at her place. I think she must have table clothes and place settings for every occasion and then some.

She was a yard and craft person. She had enough planter pots to start a nursery. She has some beautiful craft supplies and much fabric.  Her crafts were pretty dated, but there are many spools of ribbons, string, cloth tape, doodads, gift bags etc. I cannot throw the craft stuff away, but it is not my type of crafting. I thought of quilters and crafters. Lisa and Mary Ann come to mind but this stuff might not be down their alley. 

There is a full set of Christmons lovingly packed that the local Methodist church cannot use, they have their own. I have some Elvis ornaments, Two souvenir Whitehouse tree ornaments designed especially for the USA Christmas tree. I even have the trees to hang this stuff on.

Anyone local who reads this, please contact me. I just want it used, Shirl would have liked that. 

Nite Shipslog

 This was my 1948 Chevy Convertible
Just for the fun of it I priced one this evening. the prices ranged from $42,000 to $72,000.  Dad paid $450 for it and sold it for $300 .


Chatty Crone said...

You guys are so sweet - trying to give her things to a loving home. I think that is wonderful.

Lisa said...

Well Jack the only Craft I do regularly is Crochet, so yarn is my thing. I never stick to anything else. But thank you for thinking about me. Nick and I are still in the process of cleaning out his Fathers estate. So much stuff and many antiuqes, so like you , we cant just throw it out but we simply have no place for it all and stuck in a rut. Hes even thought about an auction.


Mevely317 said...

Oh, if only those walls could talk! I can only imagine the hilarity that ensued with 'her' band's rehearsals.

How I wish we lived closer … I would love to adopt Shirl's Christmon's! Having lost my parent's tattered-but-loved ornaments, we've purchased Target do-dad's and baubles ... but it's not the same as having a previously-loved ornament to admire.

PS - All this sounds so time-consuming, Jack. Is an estate sale not a viable alternative?

betty said...

After the fiasco of cleaning out hubby's parents' things, I swore I would try to make it easier for son. It will be easier but hubby still has a few things he likes to hang on to, but certainly not what we had to deal with. I did recently tell son where we kept the emergency cash because I knew it might take him a bit to get to that place to clear things out and he would need it sooner than later while other things were being processed. We do always think we are going to live forever, but so far statistically that hasn't proven to be the case :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

If you could have seen my house before I moved, you'd think I was much like your sister. Now I've downsized and in case you need to know Goodwill and Salvation Army will take craft things. A lot of mine when that way. I used to have them in the attic, the craft room and the basement, even a few in the garage... now I have one small nook in the spare room where my craft things reside. I'm sure my children will thank me. Although they did play a big part in the cleaning out before I moved.

Dar said...

Yes, I'm afraid we both equally share 'collections-a-plenty!' A person doesn't think so until WOW, time to downsize. Like Shirl, I also have too many lamps and gas lanterns. I have given some to the kids but the crafts are on overload. I need to eliminate what I no longer use. How does one let go!
Staying in a fishing cabin long ago, Mel and I both commented of why do we think we need so much 'stuff.' I'm glad you can share some of her things. Goodwill would love the excess. They'll take just about anything household and clothes, shoes, etc. Auctions are fun for everyone except the one offering it. It's emotional. Either way, it means preparation. It's wonderful you are sharing what you can. How I love your car! OH MY!
loven'hugs from up north where the WI Extension is identifying our insect infestation that's eating our cabin logs so they can advise how to control the problem. And life goes on..............

salemslot9 said...

Hi Jack
Did your sister
Happen to have
A silver tree
With a color wheel?
Please let me know
If you find one