Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Whoo hoo! I found the 3 carot ring

Historical Photo:

Just some stuff…
I mentioned here that a nurse asked Shirl to remove dad’s teeth before surgery, but he didn’t have dentures. I can remember that man’s tooth brush ( most homes had only one bath all the brushes were together.) Today it would have went into the trash immediately. The bristles went all directions, some were missing, but in his entire life he went to the dentist once. Never had a filling but did have one pulled when he was 58 years old. He took care of his teeth.

On the farm they didn’t use tooth brushes. They used small twigs cut from trees. The tip was chewed to make a small brush. The fruit or nut tree was preferred, claiming there were healing properties there. I know they used sassafras and also made a tea from the bark. I have done that myself. Once on bivouac  I was caught making sassafras tea in my helmet by the division officer. He knew what it was but told me to get rid of it fast and get the helmet back on.
Anyway do you  remember what trees were used where you lived? I don’t know why but I seem to remember Birch being good to clean teeth.
Oh yes, I hit the jackpot. I finally found the big three carot ring. Picture below.

      V  v
Oh yes, I guess that would be a 3 carrot ring.  She also had a belly button lint brush, Shirl was cool!  LOL

Shirl seldom wore that ring, it was too  valuable and easily recognized as 3 carrots.
Nite Shipslog
 I believe that last car in line is a Hudson early 40's late 30s.


betty said...

LOL with the 3 carrot ring :) A belly button brush. That I don't think I've seen!



love the 3 carrot ring.

Lisa said...

I never knew that about teeth and trees. Interesting.
You got me on the 3 carrot diamond and YES as a matter of fact I have one of those belly button lint brushes! Its one of those gifts you give someone that already has everything.!

I like Shirl more every day. Haha.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That 3 carrot ring is a keeper for sure. Never in my life saw one like that before ! Ha Ha! I'd never heard of cleaning your teeth with a tree branch either. Learn something new every day of my life. Thankfully I've always had a toothbrush available. Nice to see your posts every day once again. You were missed.

Dar said...

MA said it right, YOU were MISSED~ I can't say I recall Dad talking about brushing your teeth with tree branches but I see it would work. We did, however, burst the sap pockets on balsam tree bark and chew it like gum. It was bitter at first but a kid gets used to it quick if told it's a real treat.
lol. I'm sooo glad you found the 3 'carrot' funny. Anybunny' would love it! Have a beautiful week and glad to see you back sharing your humor.
loven'hugs from up north where soon I'll have 3 rows of 3 carrot rings and things as the garden is beginning to burst. OH the Cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas are out of this world delicious.