Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Where would you return for a visit?

Historical Photo:

(Stalin and his 'body double,' Felix Dadaey (left), pretty close resemblance. Fooled many people)

You guys that I follow seem to always give me something to think about and sometimes write about. A few minutes ago (I’m writing in the AM this time) I read Myra’s blog , a very short one, but it caused me to think. Why do I like the Amish country around Lancaster, PA. I would be hard pressed to think of the times we have stopped for a week or two. I WONDER NOW?  Does it have anything about keeping my early life?
Downtown Lancaster is ‘another nice city’. I do like the big downtown market. There is a Miesse Candy store there, LOL, and fresh veggies and meat. But outside of town is different. The country side is refreshing. The fields are still tilled with horse, mule, ox and plow. I get a good feeling when I pass a horse and buggy or see a farmer plowing a mule.
My childhood was during a time farmers still used animal power. Mr. Ford was making the farm tractor more affordable, but farmers were hard pressed to come up with the $500 for the Jubilee, 8N & 9N tractors. So the kin of mine, who weren’t truck drivers, and still farmed plowed a mule.
 Both  the farmer and the horses need a break at times.

Once I was visiting VonDale and he had to plow the corn field before we could head out to get into mischief. He let me try, but on the first row I took out about 8 stalks and he said ‘I better do it jack, dad will kill me if this keeps up.’

When Dad became pastor of the Belmont church we were across from the last horse and wagon in town. Mr. Robinson would leave out early on his wagon setting the wagon in his ‘Red Camel’ ‘overhauls’.  I never knew hopw he made his living but he was gone all day and pulled back in late afternoon. He always gave the horse a rub down and fed him some oats and corn.
Maybe it is my childhood but I never lived on a working farm, just visited them. The last time we were in Lancaster the corn was just coming in. One of the Amish farmers sold from the wagons as they pulled out of the field. Then it was 10 for a $1. I think he averaged selling a wagon load in 30 minutes. Lines of us corn eaters were waiting for the next wagon.
We had learned to microwave the corn in the husk cut the end and the ear came out with 99% of the silks inside the husk. Add butter, DELICIOUS!  I have always loved corn on the cob!
We have stopped at the Amish road side stands for sweets too.  Once we saw a runaway horse with the owner a block back chasing it.
We also enjoy the productions at ‘Sight and Sound’. Being a country and small town boy I had never seen a big live production play. These are very good.
But all that came from reading.
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PS: Friends Dan and Joan live in Lancaster. They took us on a great tour of President Buchanan’s home. He was not married and his niece was the first lady I think.  He was famous for telling Abe Lincoln, “If you are as happy taking this office as I am leaving it, you are one happy man.”

The Batmobile was created from a Lincoln


betty said...

Lancaster sounds delightful. I've never visited anything Amish. Might have to look into that sometime soon.


Lisa said...

I would love to visit an Amish town. Even up in the mountains around here, It is a litttle different. Life is a little slower and there are more fresh foods and friendly people.

Nick just had to explain to me that you are not talking about Lancaster SC. Hahha (I wasnt pay attention in the beginning).

Batman was my favorite!
That “Lincoln Futura” is still around somewhere according to Nick.

Off to work now

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We have several Amish communities here in Ohio and I know what you mean about taking a step back in time. I often buy fresh fruit and vegetables at their stands too. We have some not so very far away.

Mevely317 said...

Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Jack! Since you asked (tee-hee), I'd most like to see the Smokey Mountains … or, the Canadian Rockies.

I remember seeing Amish folks and buggies on a long-ago road trip with my folks … stopping for apple butter and what-not. They're remarkable folks, that's for sure.
Thanks for the great tip about microwaving corn on the cob! I love it, but sometimes that annoying silk makes me question the process.

Dar said...

We have a lot of Amish community south of us a piece and boy can they bake pies and fresh bread~! Always worth stopping for it. It is a slower pace of life but a hard life too. We see plenty of horse and buggies going to the larger hospital down south. I love it. Since my corn isn't ready yet, I bought some at a farmers stand today. I'll share it at the campground with the grandloves. Just so I get one cob. lol Ya gotta grab fast around a table full of growing boys!!! Great read. Now, I gotta go put an ear in the microwave for supper.:)
loven'hugs from up north where we got wet in today's rains. love it