Friday, July 20, 2018

Smoking in the Hospital

Historical Photo:

      (Einstein and his furry shoes!)
This evening...
I really do enjoy reading blogs and comments both mine and yours.. I am always looking back, the memories make me smile.  Back in AOL Journals we had a BIG family of Bloggers, it was new. Then came the AOL shut down and some went away.
Technology catches up and passes ‘itself’. Our experiences in the last few years in and around hospitals makes me think how shocked folks would be if they could go back in time and see patients smoking in bed.

 Wow, if they could see cigarettes being sold room to room to make sure no one ran out.

I remember the NO SMOKING, OXYGEN IN USE, SIGNS. Now I see people on oxygen smoking while they inhale oxygen. ?????? wild

Did you know that at one time ‘menthol’ cigarettes were prescribed to folks with some maladies? Many of us kids sneaked a smoke but one of my friends was prescribed three menthol ‘Kools’ a day. His buddies were flabbergasted to see an 11 year old smoking without hiding.
Tobacco was one of my ‘enjoyable habits’. It is very hard to quit a habit cigarettes were tough, over eating is worse for me.
But, oh yes, we were wrong back in history, but we were GREEN before this generation came along to tell us how bad we were. The land fill was not full of plastic jugs, containers and cans. Drink bottles were returned to be washed and sanitized and used again. Every house had a jar of buttons, clothes were patched and handed down to the next guy/gal as they were out grown. Many homes had a jar tree to hold and dry the canning jars. For awhile mama only had to replace the red rubber gasket.
My big thing was inner tubes, I always had a supply of slingshot rubbers and shoe tongues for pockets. I remember you actually wore out shoe strings, now in many cases if shoes have strings they are for decorations.
Our generations drove recapped tires and patched their own inner tubes after a flat.  We even plugged our own tires once we learned to trust ‘tubeless tires’, LOL
We did know how to be green before green was cool, thank you very much.
BTW, what do you remember recycling?
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 Ahhh the Kaiser (Maybe Kaiser was very smart to go big with hospitals and medicines!)


betty said...

I remember the days of cigarette ads being abundant on TV, every other commercial was for cigarettes, and magazines filled with page after page of enticing ads for this cigarette brand or that one. Several doctors in the early days of my career smoked, not sure if they eventually quit down the road.

My mom was a great advocate for recycling when it first came out. I think the biggest thing in the beginning was aluminum cans and newspapers. I remember churches and other organizations would recycle newspapers for the profits they could make on them.



my mom used to smoke menthol cigarettes. recycling has a long history, it's true.

Lisa said...

I remember teachers smoking in the classrooms and Smoking areas for the kids Jr.High. When our jeans got too short, mom cut them off to make shorts for summer and used the remaining parts for patches on the knees of our long jeans. Shoes strings were replaced. Now days people will just go buy new when the new wears off.
Now head over to my blog and see if you can guess what my little vintage thing was used for.

Love from the west side

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How things have changed! Some good memories and some not. I try to keep the happy ones! Raining here today in Ohio. On the bright side it is not storming.

Dar said...

Things do change fast don't they. Dad used the leather of old belts, worn out boots, rubber tires, etc. for patching, sling shots or repurposing many times on the farm. Lumber was never thrown out if it could build something new. Bone was used to make picks for the musical instruments. Using and reusing is how new inventions come along. The price of everything explodes and yet there is so much senseless waste. Now days it's ' cool ' to pay high dollars for jeans that have so many holes in them that we wouldn't dare wear off the working farm unless well patched. Change is a good thing but it's not so good too. I'm glad smoking laws have changed for allergy sufferers. PHEW
loven'hugs from up north where we had a beautiful garden rain and all grows well again.

Chatty Crone said...

Did you say you smoked and ate too much - boy I doubt that.

Yes i still recycle like that - buttons - I pick up pennies - some people think they aren't worth anything. Jars for pennies. Some things for my craft box. I am not a big saver, but I do save some things.


Paula said...

Speaking of the smoking when I first went to work at an insurance company right after high school they let companies give cigarette samples out.
this was an all girl work place. I feel so lucky that I didn't get started smoking with those free cigarettes. That would certainly be a no no now days.