Sunday, July 15, 2018

I am Afraid I am getting too old too soon!

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Another chapter is closed here at the Darnell rolling home. I thought Son Jackie was picking Ben and Elsie up at 5:15 this am. I was up there at 5:15 and they had already pulled out. Probably best, we said our good byes last night. LOL

Present dilemma…….. It is wise to know that as I near 80 the choices in travel are limited, but as Myra hinted, there should be enough gas in the engine to make one more trip around the USA and then accidentally stop by Utah!  LOL Traveling long distances when you  age presents unique problems, in case of serious illness and death. I do KNOW if something would happen to me our sons would immediately fly to mama and get her back to the East Coast.
My attorney, Vickie W, related a HUGEBIG problem when her father in law tried to stretch his chances and died sightseeing on a train in Alaska. She described the nightmare of getting her Husband to a remote part of Alaska, and then arranging transportation to the nearest airport (100+ miles) that could handle a plane to carry the casket.
My brother-in-law Dick, died in his motor home at a rustic camp ground on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Even that created a small fiasco for the son in getting the coach ready for travel, hooking up the tow dolly and loading the car.  My sister had never did the hands on of tearing down, unhooking, taking in the awnings and jacks, etc.
So this gypsy life can create problems.  We know of several incidences where wife had to get someone to drive their coach 1000+ miles due to hubby’s death. Dick and a friend actually did that one year for a wife at the loss of a husband in South Carolina.

So we husbands should plan better! ;-)  It is imperative that I (we) keep that in mind over the next few months or until we are ready to settle down.
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Mevely317 said...

You bring up some interesting points, Jack! Then again, I suspect Sherry's not your average 'helpless' female. LOL.

Alaska's something else, indeed. But you're not planning going there again, so let's mark that concern off the list. We readers all hope you're not planning on going anywhere anytime soon, but better to pass doing something you LOVE, isn't it?

Love to the both of you!

Lisa said...

Sounds like something great for you and Sherry to talk about while on your next adventure. What ifs, What to do, What not to do...Just keep a list of emergency numbers and instuructions in the RV and keep on truckin. You both have several more years ahead of you. Age is just a number. Like I said before, Keep traveling until you get there.

Love from the West side

betty said...

I just never see you and Sherry as being "old" but you are wise to plan for things "just in case" while you are traveling or to avoid traveling far away "just in case."


Paula said...

Some things to think about but I know people who would ignore it. I would think take in consideration how your health is and how you feel. With my blood condition I wouldn't want to be far from my specialist but that doesn't keep him from going on vacation. lol


good points you made for folks of a certain age with or without an rv.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's always good to be prepared, but no matter how well we think we are, I don't know if that will every be the case for anyone. I don't travel much at all at my age and I'm a few years younger than you. I'm more comfortable staying at home these days. But you both seem to love it so why not do what you love while you can do it.

Chatty Crone said...

You do bring up some interesting points.

I have a friend - whose husband was on a trip - with another woman. She was driving and had an accident and they both died.

Try getting the body back then - lol.

I know that won't happen to you tho.

Love, sandie

Dar said...

It Was a good thing you said your farewells last night tho I know you would have loved just one more hug from Ben and Elsie. They'll be back. Lisa had some great ideas about emergency numbers and RV instructions and then, by all means, keep traveling if that makes you happy. No one knows when their number is up except God and until then, He's always by your sides. Enjoy your lives and travel as long as you feel up to it. After that, camp at home again.
love n'hugs from up north....where Mama's patio and gazebo are in with her supervision. :)