Monday, July 2, 2018

Lose weight fast or Get rich quick

Historical Photo:
(Grandson Ben I found climbing inside our cabinets.)
If you live long enough you will be tempted to ‘get rich quick’ or ‘lose ten pounds by drinking this (or eating this) ……. before bed time.’
I have lived many years and my observation is that ‘the other guy may get rich quick’ but I ain’t.  That skinny muscular guy or gal on TV may lose 10 lbs a week by using that new scientifically proven simple exercise machine thirty minutes a day, but not me.
I love yard sales and I see so many of those exercise bikes and exercise machines ‘as advertised on TV’ in yard sales for $1-$5 that someone has paid out $59.95 when ordering. They are usually sold by an overweight person. Hey, we all want results with no effort on our part. So if you're tempted to order one, visit some yard sales and ask the seller how successful they were.
I am proud of my family and their work ethic. Both of my sons have tried a quick way to get rich, but it did not always work. One tried ‘Amway’. He gave up a family business I had bought and passed down to my sons. The theory was great, but I am no friend of AMWAY he went broke trying to become wealthy. The son that tried it put his whole self into it and gave it all. 
But to me that company lives off dreams of others they run thru people like water. I personally know three people, Great salesmen, who could not make it work. One electrician who told me he could not make AMWAY work, but used the motivational tapes to stir him to form his own business and has done well.  I would love to know the % of men and women who start and quit, broke, in AMWAY yearly.
Both sons have been successful but only by hard work.

(three generations after me, son Jack, Ben and his daughter Elsie Mae)

Now I believe in motivational tapes (CDs). While in business I listened to Zig Ziggler and Earl Nightingale. They promised me nothing but self-respect and gave good advice in business or your job.

Soon I may tell you about my first grandson, Benjamin Aaron Darnell. He and his daughter Elsie Mae are out from Utah to visit. He drives nails. Actually he is a lead carpenter and he builds houses his grandpa admired but never dreamed of building. 
Thanks for stopping by. I really do appreciate it.

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Lisa said...

I dont want to get rich quick. I want to get rich slow and steady. Im still working on the steady part. We have a treadmill in the spare room that makes a great clothes rack. Meanwhile, my 10 dollar hula hoop works great, requires no batteries or electricity and I can work it almost any room in the house or outside.
Good looking kids you got there Jack!

Off to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

For me there was never anything worth having that came easy. I do love motivational speakers and often quote them, but true motivation for me has always come from my family. They keep me going and trying to do better. I've never been slim in my life, but looking back at pictures compared to what I am now I was never really fat either. Ha ! Now I'm what I like to call pleasingly plumb! Hope all is going well for you. You both are in my thoughts. Hugs from Ohio !

betty said...

That's a great picture of Jack, Ben, and Elsie Mae. I'm sure you all are enjoying their visit!

Some people do seem to look for any way to get rich fast and the scammers know that and that's why they come up with these scams that take people's money. I have heard of a few people doing okay with Amway but they didn't consider it their main business, more like something they did on the side, and they didn't have great thoughts of retiring on it. I'm not a sales person so I couldn't do something like this.

It truly does take hard work and continued effort to do well in life and then there are no guarantees that something else won't come along that shoots someone's hard work down the drain. That's why we have to be like Ma, always grateful for what she has and thankful daily for it.


Woody said...

I started out working for the New York State Department of Enviromental Conservation, in 1964 we would walk thru the woods, fields, forests and trim up Spruce Trees, build 24 foot wide dirt roads for "Fire Breaks" for miles back into the woods, We carried our lunches in Lunch Pails and a Thermos Bottle of Coffee, we were paid >50 cents an hour !!!!!!!! Loved the job !!

Mevely317 said...

FIRST, that's a wonderful image of Jack Jr., Ben and Elsie Mae!

Ya, I've never possessed even a gram of salesmanship. But that didn't stop me from investing good money to visit these 'you can too!' seminars by Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins. I'm not familiar with Amway, but cousins once convinced me to peddle Shaklee products. 'Guess I can't wrap my mind around the idea, if these (products) are so great, how come I can't just go buy them at my local Wal-Mart?

Have fun with your family, Jack and Sherry … good 'seeing' y'all again!

Dar said...

I managed in sales years ago and did ok but no millionaire! My son, however, did well starting his own business and running it with family pride and tons of hard, hard work. We're very proud of his work ethic that he passed down to his kids. Our son-in-law did his best with Amway too only to loose his wallet to them. There are so many similar business, all with the same end result no matter how hard we work at it. The best job I ever had was raising my family, talks with God and Bill while working our gardens, and working with our family just ' getting 'er done ' at whatever needed to be done for the moment. Today, it's back in the hay fields., yesterday we helped lay a patio for Mom.
Life feels so good with well earned hard work backaches. It's good. AND WOW, Elsie Mae sure is growing fast. She comes from great genes.!
loven'hugs from up north where the overcast sun does shine

Chatty Crone said...

I have been in Ohio visiting my other family so I have not been able to comment, but I am back.
Well that is nice they are here to visit - but I hate they are so far. My son and his family live in Ohio and it is not just a hop, skip, and a jump there.
I tried to get rich with Reliv - vitamins.
There is one product with Amway that is awesome - Basic I - it can take out every stain.
I know you are a proud dad.
Love, sandie

Rick Watson said...

I had a 4) Plymouth Coupe. It was a beautiful thing.