Monday, July 23, 2018

A Sad story…A happy story

Historical Photo:

  Bruce Lee on the Dance floor!

 The other two continued to do well. So we bought two plants here and planned to continue to get tomatoes from the mature two. This one produced and grew.

 It reached reached about 9 feet in height.

 Then Jack found some fertilizer amongst Shirl’s stuff. I proved my mama right, she said son you love a plant to death. Truth is I killed our entire crop! I don’t have the heart to start more. Hahaha. Maybe I have learned something and I will do better next year.


Oh well, the sandwiches we enjoyed were enough pay for the small amount of work.

Oh yes, since we have a vacant house, we are hosting some Haitian kids that are touring the south promoting their orphanage in Haiti. We are so looking forward to meeting them. Two of the chaperons will stay here along with whatever overflow is left. 

The sponsor came today to look over the house to see how many would be comfortable housed here. She wants to bring in an extra bed or two (I think she mentioned air mattresses). She said the kids do not mind sleeping anywhere, but wants them to have beds when possible. She was thrilled with the room and facilities. When we volunteered the use of the washer/dryer she was happy.

Anyway, that is the land locked gypsies for today.  BUT we are thinking….
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Home sweet home....


betty said...

Good that you are thinking.......

How fun with your house guests. Should be a great experience that I hope you blog about!

Well at least you tried to grow tomatoes and did get a few of them for your labor!



glad you were able to enjoy some of the tomatoes. have a good visit with your guests. what a nice thing to do.

Jackie said...

Sorry about the tomatoes....glad you were able to get a few sandwiches out of the crop before the vines perished.
Blessings to you and your houseguests from Haiti.

Lisa said...

Im sorry I laughed at your tomato plant. But Im also sorry to hear you lost them. I can not grow a thing. I had some eggplants that did well one year so I got a couple this year. As soon as they get a bud, something chomps them off. This is what happens to my tomatos or anything else I try to grow thats edible. I think its the squirrels. However, I am growing a pretty tall sunflower that has not opend its petals yet.

I think its really cool you get to house some visitors. This should be fun and cant wait to hear your stories. Im sure they will be interested in seeing you and Sherrys Wheelestate too. You and Sherry are such wonderful loving people.

From the other side of the storm

Lisa said...

OH and I once crocheted 50 baby hats for the orphanage in Haiti.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's wonderful that you can provide a home while the missionaries visit. Not all of us have an extra house on hand like you do. Sorry about the tomatoes. I guess you did love them to death. I take the easy way out and go to the local farmers stand.

Mevely317 said...

Sorry, but I had to chuckle at your mom's long-ago prediction. For me - and I suspect lots of others - I wind up trying too hard.

I'll bet your Haitian visitors will LOVE the accommodations you and Sherry provide. Will they be travelling near your home in Deltona as well? Y'all are the best!

Chatty Crone said...

Too much fertilizer?

And I think that is wonderful what you are doing - sharing your home with people who would gladly sleep on the floor. We are so lucky. sandie

Dar said...

It's awesome you're sponsoring the Haitian kids...they'll love you as well as their accommodations. My folks used to take in disadvantaged kids a week at a time one summer. Most were city kids who loved, loved the country life and learning where their food came from. The program was through church. I marveled at the folks already raising 9 of us and always room for more.
As for those tomatoes, sad you lost them. It sounds like too much fertilizer in summer heat, the plants went into shock at too drastic a change. Next year.
love n' hugs from up north where we completed the refinishing of the cabin, then put up peas and beans today. I'm plum-tuckered .