Friday, July 20, 2018

Old People

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My next door neighbor here in NC is Jim Arp. Jim was famous once. He starred in one or two movies and is installed in the Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame. He is a song writer and was the lead singer and guitarist in a couple high profile Rock and Roll Bands.
Jim is sort of an eccentric. He owns two older frame houses on our road. He painted one of them completely, with a 2” brush once. That house sorta ‘deteriorated’ and he bought the one beside it and moved in. Jim is 81 now, his mind is sharp and he still remembers lines of jokes he used as the band’s spokesman.
I stopped by and amid the debris (I am thinking Jim is a hoarder) he was sitting painting a landscape, very good, BTW.  Anyway I asked him what tree was used for tooth brushes in our earlier years, “The ‘black gum’ Jack. It made the best tooth brush. Do you remember the old ladies also used the black gum brush to install snuff in their bottom lip?”
Yes, I did remember that. I didn’t tell you that one of Jim’s windshield wipers is missing off his car and the back door is tied shut with a rope. He has a tarp over one window that doesn’t close. Right now the thing won’t start and he has a friend coming over to help him start the car.
He sold one of his guitars (1953 Gibson, I think) the other day for a few thousand dollars. I learned that thru another musician who arranged the sale.
I mentioned that because our street is sorta being encroached on by trees, vines and weeds. The city ignores us. I am cutting the tree limbs over the road so I can bring the coach in that drive way. When I started he came out and told me that he and Shirl had wanted the drive like this to discourage traffic.  It is a dead end road, our house is at the end of the road.
It was time to quit anyway so I stopped. We do have two drives for our homes but I will go back because it is the best way to our house.
I must tell you who are younger, life’s playing fields seem to become more level with age. There are a lot of retires in Florida. The old man you see at a concert or walking the street could have been a surgeon or an attorney. The musicians you hear could have been at one time famous in their towns. To be honest passing Jim on the street you could think him a bum.
Another buddy up the street who is wealthy ( he owned a machine shop at one time), you would also think as mentally off.
Heck, you might think the same of me. LOL  But then I ain’t never been nobody!  LOL
Off subject:
One of my jobs here in the motor home is to prepare our morning coffee every night since I am always the last on up. I just stopped this entry to do that. The ground coffee smells so good. I just read that ‘the smelling of coffee can improve your brain function.’  I hope that is true!
Don’t tell anyone but I am snacking on milk, crackers and mild cheddar cheese as I type. I love the combined tastes.
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jim sounds like quite a character. you're lucky to have so many wonderful people in your life.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So true, we can not judge people for the way they look. Rich and famous can be hidden under some very different clothes. Some that look rich very often aren't too. Sounds like you've got a great neighbor and also a big job in clearing that driveway. Take care in the heat.

Lisa said...

Nick and I were just talking about that the other day while we were walking. When It comes to selling things, we noticed that the worst bummed dressed fellaa are the ones with all the cash and do not hesitate to spend it while the executive in the suit and tie will try to get the best bargin then usually walk away from it. I like Jim Arp already.

From the desk

betty said...

My first thought was I hope Jim got what that guitar was worth when he sold it. I'll have to ask hubby what a 1953 Gibson might go for but of course it depends on condition, model, etc. I'm sure Jim was sharp as a tack on that. Seems like a fascinating person to have as a neighbor. I bet you could almost get a book out of his life's story!

Yum on the snack. Your secret is safe with me :)


Dar said...

Sounds like a fine eccentric neighbor you have in Jim. While playing cards yesterday, Mom was talking about some of the German words my great grandma used til her dying day. I need to write them down. I have a great memory but it's so short lately. I cannot imagine painting a whole house with a 2" brush. Jim is eccentric and probably could have afforded to hire that big job done by pros! As for you clearing the driveway, be careful young man!
As for that snack, mums the word!
loven'hugs from up's raining a ' garden rain '.......and we need it

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I love eclectic and eccentric! I have gotten more and more with age - I don't want to be normal! That being said - I enjoyed your story. You always have a tale to tell. I hate to think of women with chewing tobacco tho. You can never judge anyone either. I hate that. You never know!!!!!!!!!!!! You do have a wonderful life! sandie