Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Classy tattooed lady

Historical Photo:
 Riding carriages was tough when hoops were in style. The hoops were removed and hung on the back of the carriage.

If you read this Blog, you know I lost my last sibling a few weeks ago. For you that have been responsible for handling debts or wills for a deceased love one know it is not a cake walk. We are awaiting all the final bills and it keeps you a little on edge. Not the actual financial end, but the time and wondering. In fact Shirley had planned and was ready for these bills, so they will be paid. Since I am her executor I want it over so we can head off into the sunset and actually take time to remember and enjoy Shirley’s life in memories. 
She was a good sister. In fact this girl was unique of all my siblings. None of the rest of us sought ‘class.’ Even Brother Jr. the millionaire looked no different than a carpenter or plumber. Now Shirley was different, she WAS classy! She

often told me, “Some people think I am ‘stuck-up’, but I am not.”
She fit right in with the folks in our local ‘Historical Society’, they even elected her to the Board.

Really she was not (stuck up), she was a barrel of fun and always ready for a laugh, usually caus
ing it.  However when her mind was good, she always walked out of her house dressed to the “9’s.”  Or as BIL Dick would say, “She looked just like she stepped out of a band box!”

She was raised in the Church of God. If you are familiar with our past you know we frowned on ‘jewelry’ even wedding bands. Later in life she loved her jewelry. Now you might know gold and diamonds, but I'm telling you I cannot tell glass from diamond. I cannot look at a piece and tell if it is gold or fake.

 Once she showed up at Hardee's with her arms completely tattooed (apparently). She got a kick out of removing the molded arm sleeves, everyone else did too!

Shirley could wear a BIG fake diamond and it was real to the average onlooker.

Diamonds…. Shucks there in lies the problem. This girl had at least 50 necklaces and 100’s of rings and other jewelry items. If I had not found a couple ‘receipts’ for diamond and gold I would not have been concerned. But with hundreds of pieces of jewelry and finding receipts for several hundreds and one thousand+ dollars (her hubby had bought), I got worried.

I ordered a couple jewelers eye-pieces to try to find the gold and also a piece of equipment that would ID a diamond. I have now found the three diamonds that were insured and most of the gold. The gold was mostly wedding bands, college and HS rings. One Gold item was from Aunt Jo (hubby’s side). She was Miss EXXON in the 40’s. She was awarded a 14K gold money clip with a small knife and nail file. It weighs 48 grams. Subtracting the stainless it is probably 40 grams of gold. At about $40 a gram that would be a hefty sum. Altogether the total value is less than $5000.
I am saving that for her step-sons. My sister’s one drawback, was she was the poster child, ‘standard step-mom’. She could have been more loving. Of course the boys have never confided in me how they felt about Shirley, but I doubt if they held her in high regard. I may or may not find out.

But she had two great step-sons, but I do not think she ever knew it. I always admired the boys, they were never a big problem growing up. It is for sure they never had to get them out of jail.

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Lisa said...

I got a laugh out of the tattoo sleeves. I showed Nick. I bet she was a hoot. Im like you, I wouldn't know a diamond from a piece of glass either.

Headin to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What an adventure your Shirley is taking you on. I don't think I could identify gold or a diamond and would have to go to a jeweler for advice. Good she has some family that will benefit from her treasures. I would think though that everyone would rather have her presence. Hopefully you will soon be able to head off into the sunset part and just enjoy the wonderful memories.

betty said...

That was so funny with the tattooed sleeves and Shirl! What a laugh she must have enjoyed showing them off and then taking them off! That's nice you are still in contact (I'm assuming) with her step sons and will pass some things on to them.

When hubby's mom died, she had lots of jewelry, lots of costume jewelry but a few nice pieces. I really know nothing of jewelry, but a lady came to one of our estate sales and said she buys jewelry. We had her come another day where I had sorted out through the jewelry. She offered a fair price for it which we accepted. I'm not sure what kind of great deal she got but we did "get rid of it" which was what our intent was. I'm sure I really don't want to know what it might have been worth :)


Dar said...

Your love and enjoyment of your sister is so apparent, as it should be. She sure was a barrel of laughs, wasn't she. I loved her tats! Being around happy-go-lucky people like her is contagious. You will finally have time to relax and have many more memories on and off the road again soon. Until then, keep the faith and know we are thinking of you and Sherry with love n' hugs from up north.

Paula said...

I bet Shirl was happy when she or the church decided it was okay to wear jewelry. You must have had a lot of fun out of her.


the tattooed sleeves were a hoot. good luck seperating the real stuff from the fake.

Chatty Crone said...

I loved those tattooed sleeves. A real jokester. I am surprised that you think she might not have been a great step mom - it seemed she was great at everything. And wonderful you are giving it to the boys. That was very fair. sandie