Monday, July 16, 2018

Why NOt?

Historical Photo:
 (1937 Buttermilk Junction, Tennessee)

I don’t have many childhood friends since my family lived in seven different towns from birth ‘til I was 15. But I do have  friends. I am adopting Sherry’s friends as years pass.  Today friend Ed (That Sherry has known since before starting to school) dropped by to pick up some paint and we  sat up in the house for about an hour just talking.  Nothing earth shaking just the similarities in our lives. We passed some politics and he said I even voted for Ross Perot once. I had to say I did too. LOL

He does understand Sherry and I. He sat in our beautiful home looked around and said, “I like this place, but you are not going to move in are you?”

I had to say, “No, we are addicted to the motor home.  It is small and has everything we need.”

I mentioned that we had a friend I knew from the 50’s who had a nice RV.  He is about our age, his wife is younger. But lo and behold he told me they were buying a bigger nicer coach. His reason was “Why not?”

Above is Bud and Di's Country Coach

I have been thinking about that statement a lot lately. I says to myself, “Really, why not?” If our health holds out we should be driving 5 years longer. Why not end it in a newer unit with 3 or 4 slide-outs. (We have two slide outs now. LOL)

To be truthful, it is not something I would normally do. I would be satisfied with what we have (and I am) but if we see one over the winter that yanks our chain, I think we should do it.  Besides, I cannot let Buddy and Di have a bigger coach than we do!  Hahahahahaha 

Nah, honestly I have seldom (hopefully never) been a 'Keep up with the Jone's type of person', but I am seriously considering trying to convince Sherry she 'needs' a new coach with a refrigerator that keeps ice cream frozen and that I don't have to defrost.  HAHAHAHA!

Nite Shipslog
PS: I have already started looking.  LOL  Hey Buddy, give me a call it you see a real deal! (or you want to trade!  lol)

 With a new coach, I need to tow that Caddy convertible. I know I would be cool!  LOL


betty said...

Hubby's parents started out with a small RV and then kept going bigger and bigger over the years until they got a 50 foot one for their 50th anniversary. Then after a few years they started going smaller and smaller til they ended up with the same size they started with, LOL :) I say "why not, go for it" if you find something you like and you can convince Sherry of it too :) Might as well enjoy the luxury of a bigger one while you still plan to live and travel in it :)


Lisa said...

Maybe you can find a coach similar to the one you have now that has a better freezer and less miles. Why not? I mean, you will be living in the same place but it will just be “updated”. Haha. It would be like adding on a room to a house if you lived in one. Something to think about while yall are still young. : ).

I voted for Ross once too 🤪

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Go for it ! If you can do it, do it. Life is to short !

Dar said...

Absolutely, go for it! And like Lisa said, it's like adding a room to a house....I want a sunroom added to the house......I love relaxing outsideish but without the mosquitoes of the evening. A screen house or sunroom would fit that bill just like additional slide-outs would work for you. Oh, and a freezer that freezes. Have fun hunting!
loven'hugs from up north where we just set up scaffolding to give the cabin a new coat of love to keep 'er pretty'and bug-free.

Chatty Crone said...

That big RV looked beautiful and BIG! So does that fit on the road? Hey I can;t believe you are not going to move into the house - I guess you will sell it. And why not buy a bigger RV? I agree. Sandie

salemslot9 said...

I like Buttermilk Junction :)