Saturday, July 14, 2018

Life, Brithdays and Funerals

Historical Photo:
Camping in the Adirondacks 1930 style 

 But today!
Death Is part of life, or maybe just the end of life as we know it. So, this morning we attended the funeral of Marvin ‘Smoky’ Coe.  He was Shirl’s boyfriend for a few years. Their situation was described by Smoky himself. He commented to me one day, “Shirl and I would like to get married, but we can’t find anyone who will have us.”

He passed away 3 weeks to the day after Shirl.  They were not going together at the end. He had moved to Florida to live with his daughter. The two of them talked on the phone but never got back together. Thus closing an era that involved my sister.

I have inherited many of Smoky’s CD’s though, and many pictures. T'was sorta funny. His obit picture has him smiling big, I seldom saw that.  He was always more solemn with very dry humor. Opposites must attract because Shirl was always laughing, smiling and cutting up. The funeral was the sad part (Although it is called a celebration of life)

BUT ending the day is different. In a few minutes we will head out to celebrate Grandson Ben’s Birthday.  It will be a small group as much of the family has headed for vacation at the beach.  

(Ben & Elsie with the wooden soldier looking over their shoulder)

 Ben our first natural Grandson will be 36 years old in a few days. Jackie had brought Corey in by marriage a couple years prior.

Anyway grandparents already KNOW, so I do not have to tell you how special the feeling is to hold and love your children’s children, Darla calls them  'Grand Loves'. 

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Benjamin Aaron Darnell. Ending the day on a very happy occasion. It is also bitter sweet, Ben and Elsie fly out toward Utah in the morning at 7:45 AM.
Nite Shipslog

1941 Mercury 8, this sent to me by Rose of 'Roses are Read'(sadly Rose is no longer with us


Chatty Crone said...

As I read this I felt like the world does move in circles. Sometimes we are up at the top - or coming down and heading back up and it is also the circle of life. People coming and people going all the time. Seems you are really deep thinking these days.
Your sister seemed like a rare gem. No wonder you miss her so much and you had her for so long.


betty said...

Happy birthday to Ben! Glad he was in your neck of the woods to celebrate his birthday!

Sorry to hear about Smokey's passing. It is good that we do have births and birthdays always continuing to add joy to our lives and to help ease the times of sadness and grief.



sad to hear about smoky's passing. but happy to celebrate your grandson ben's birthday. sorry he has to head back home so soon.

Paula said...

I remember Smokey from your blog or Shirl's. Ironic they passed so near in time. Happy birthday to Ben. Glad you and Sherry get to be with him.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear of another passing. To me, Smokey’s death so near to Shirl’s sounds like an ending to a love story.
I see another book in your future, hint hint.

I bet you and Sherry are wonderful grands! I love hearing about your family funs. Happy Birthday Ben.

Hugs from over here,

Dar said...

The passing of our loved ones and friends is a tough part of life...but we celebrate something good like Ben's birthday and all seems the best again.
Happy 36 to Ben~~~he's the same age as our Andy next month. Speaking of Grandloves, we spent the day with Andy's 4 sons over the weekend. They couldn't believe their grandma went swimming with them in the lake. It was awesome quality time!!!!! Be still my heart~
loven'hugs from our neck of the's another glorious day.

Mevely317 said...

Smoky and Shirl, together again! Suppose they're serenading the angels?
I love what Sandie expressed about the circle of life. Easy to comprehend, but difficult to accept, isn't it?

So glad you were able to celebrate Ben's birthday together. Suppose your
ship has enough 'oomph' in it to make another road trip to Utah? Always something to look forward to!