Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dem Crazy cats

 Early interesting Cars:

                               1982 Dodge Aries

For today:

On the trip to NC of course I was looking forward to seeing the cats. Four remain.  Granddaughter Stella took one black Tom and Michelle next door found a home for one. One of the multi colored cats is very skiddish. But three are playful and will allow me to hold them and pet them.

With nothing else to do after the plumbing episodes, I started straightening the basement. I sorted all the hiking gear we accumulated hiking the Appalachian Trail. WE covered over 1850 miles of it. There is still a glimmer of hope to hike it one more time and make it all the way. Of course being 82 this spring slows the idea down. LOL

 I covered a buffet piece and a huge china hutch with sheets. The cats loved that also, pulling the sheets off about as fast as I spread them. The black Tom jumped up about 4 feet and hooked his claws in a couple. But mostly they played around the bottoms.

Three of them wrestling
Above is Tiger Tom

                                        these are Tiger Two

What they realy loved was this 6.5 ft lighted Christmas tree. I found it and moved it out into the floor. The cats loved it.

Tiger Tom in the tree
Above is Tiger Three (seldom seen inside, pic is blurred in a hurry to get a shot) and Black Tom.

Below is my Christmas present I guess. LOL

Black Tom also climbed but I missed it. The two Toms are VERY friendly. Tiger Two is fair, but there is a Tiger Three and she is too skiddish to pet.

Anyway I did enjoy the time with the cats…. Along with getting my NC playhouse straightened out enough to walk around in.

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Chatty Crone said...

They were there to make you happy and amuse you! And vice versa!

Mevely317 said...

So glad they're all doing well. Thriving, actually. I'll bet watching them play with the sheets and the Christmas tree was hilarious.

PS - BTW, are you still reading/following Sean of the South? I saw where he and Jamie recently biked on (or near) the Trail. (Geography's obviously not my strong suit.) Anyway. Here's a link to that page. https://seandietrich.com/2020/?w=38

betty said...

They sure have grown since the last pictures of them! They must provide a lot of entertainment for you and Sherry! The Christmas tree was a great idea for them to explore!


Lisa said...

They seem happy that you are there and enjoying showing off for you. They are cute. There are two cats that will run out of the woods during our walk. They see us turn the corner and come running to me. One is skiddish but the the other one begs to be petted. It used to be scared of us but now loves us. I guess it was my left over fish sticks I took to them one day. Did you see the Big Black cat on one of my previous post the other day? I would love to have it as my own.

Love from from over here