Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I lied, but I didn’t meant to.

 Early interesting Cars:

 If I said, "This is MY 2016 RollsRoyce Sports car, I would be LYING!"

For today:

I have related this before, but here it is again. A ‘dry-wall finisher’ who was my  subcontractor in that area called me one morning. “Mr. Darnell, I apologize but something very important has come up and I can’t finish the drywall today.”

“William you know I need that job done, but we will work around it. I hope everything works out ok!”

That afternoon William’s truck pulls up towing his boat. I went out.......

 “Now Mr. Darnell I know I lied to you this morning, but you have got to see this Bass I got.” He had a beautiful 14lb largemouth Bass.

My response, “William I don’t know whether to fire you, kiss you or kill you!”

“I know, but I just had a gut feeling this bass was waiting for me.”

I thought of an old joke at the time. A priest looked out and it was a beautiful 'GOLF' day, but he had a service and Mass that day. He called an assistant and said, “I am too sick to serve today, you will have to fill in.”

That day God was watching and allowed the priest a hole-in-one. St. Peter asked, “God why did you do that?”

God smiled, “WHO can he tell?”

OK, we voted, but it did not count. We got a call and the caller informed us that checking their records, we no longer lived in Volusia County, so our votes were void. We should go to Lake County and vote.

We figured since they had sent us the ballots months after we had moved, that it would be a normal thing, BUT it wasn’t.

We checked here for early voting and headed out to check the lines.


Found it was Tavares, actually less than a half mile from where we once lived on Lake Dora. 

Only 2 or 3 people in line.


And now we have honestly finished voting,  fed the ballots into the machine and trusted it to know how to count. LOL They gave us a pen and  the Stickers saying YEP we voted (this time).



Nite Shipslog

PS: I did make this entry shorter.  And Again I wanted to say, with no disrespect to your state, I think the volunteers and paid state workers here in Florida are  a cut above.  The Valushia Co. worker could have just voided our votes, but instead took time to call and tell us to vote in Lake County.


Lisa said...

Glad they let you know before the deadline. Now you have a cool pen and sticker. I didn't get a pen. I had to use a Bic pen and turn it back in afterwards for a spray down.

Warm and windy today!

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad that you found out and got to vote!
Hey did you see on Facebook - Pauline died. Just wanted to let you know. :(

Mevely317 said...

Now THAT's a fish story! Props to William for 'coming clean', but doubt I'd have been so accommodating as you.
Great photos of y'all! That's so crazy about the voting mix-up. I'm hoping the turn-out at our little polling spot will be easy-peasy, too. Just in case, I may carry a camp stool.

betty said...

That was nice that they let you know you voted in the wrong county. I did have one time in Prescott the voter registrar lady call me and ask me to come in and re-sign my ballot because it didn't match what my voter card's signature looked like. They do offer good customer service! Glad you got the voting done because I think this weekend is going to be busy to do so!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was nice they let you know where to go and you got it done. Every vote counts one every vote matters.