Friday, October 16, 2020

Alarms and alarm clocks

Early interesting Cars:

 1965 Chevy Caprice 4 DR Hardtop

For today:

It seems everything today has an alarm. Leave your keys in the ignition, leave your head lights on, have a door ajar on the car and YOU GET AN ALARM or reminder.

The microwave tells you when your time is up.  Some things you buy at the retailer has a little ‘dogadget’ built in that if the clerk does not erase it, it will ALARM as you go out the door.

Our clothes dryer yells when it stops.

Sherry sets an alarm clock when we need to get up at a certain time. Most times she is awake and turns it off before it shouts “WAKE UP!”

I mention this because ‘business’ calls us back to NC for a closing and we will be leave in the morrow. So most likely she will ‘Set an Alarm.’ (and not use it)

I do not think an alarm clock was ever used at our house growing up. My mama had a built in alarm clock in her head. While living at home if I needed to be up at some special time, mama would ask me what time I wanted to be called. That lady’s internal alarm NEVER failed.

I don’t know how we got one, but Shirley and I had an old wind up alarm clock in our room. Remember those? Shirl would use it sometimes.

There have been occasions I woke up when I needed to like Sherry does, and did not need the alarm, but I am not consistent enough to TRUST my clock. LOL

What about you?  Are YOU an alarm clock?


We will be away from these ‘confusing computers’ for a few days.  See you soon. Let’s take a ride!

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Chatty Crone said...

Have a nice trip.
I do need an alarm clock though!

betty said...

Safe travels!! I'm pretty much an alarm clock. Supposed to get up at 5:50 for work but usually awake around 5:30 and drift in and out of sleep until I get out of bed at 5:45. Dogs seem to have that internal alarm clock, they sure know when it is time to eat!


Mevely317 said...

Yep. When I was working, setting my alarm clock the night before was as routine as brushing my teeth. Nowadays I'm all over the place -- but rely on my cell phone app ... sounds like a Cuckoo clock. :)

Now I've never totally relied on this, but thought it interesting. Years ago I attended a seminar where the facilitator urged his audience to try this exercise. Before falling asleep, mentally imagine a big clock face; it's hands set for the time you want to wake. Concentrate on that image for, oh I don't remember ... 30 seconds. It works!

Safe travels!

Lisa said...

I have not used an alarm clock in 5 years. I have a fit bit fitness tracker and it has a silent alarm I have set for 7 am each morning and 8 am on the weekends. Don’t work now so I don’t need it but It is still there. It is a silent alarm that just gives my wrist a vibration to wake me up. I love it but when I do not wear it, my body automatically wakes us around 7 anyway.
Speaking of a job, once again I was told during an interview that I would hear back by the end of the week on their decision. Its Saturday and I never heard anything. Maybe they need an alarm!!!

Safe travels

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It saws ro be I could trust my internal alarm clock but these days I'm sleeping later and later so I do set an alarm when I know I have something to do early in the day. Otherwise I stay in bed until I have to get up. I set the one on my phone and it wakes me up every time. Some days its harder to ge out of bed than others especially with the colder weather. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the ride.

Glenda said...

When I remember to turn it on at bedtime, my alarm goes off at the set time; most times I'm already awake, just drowsing! Bon Voyage you two travelers!!! Hugs, Glenda

Woody said...

Safe Travels, Hope it is Hassle Free taking care of Business. I hated "Alarm Clocks" and was always a "Johnny come Lately" ! I now am up before the Rooster Crows and ready to tackle the world ! Enjoy yourselves up in N. C. ! Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

I haven't used an alarm clock in years. If I have to be up at a certain time I seem to just wake up at the right time. Have a safe ride back!

Dar said...

I still love my Little Ben alarm clock, it winds, but I don't use it either anymore. My body alarm wakes me and most times, even if I go back to bed, I can't sleep so it's up and at-um time. Have a safe, uneventful trip back up north. Be safe, be careful, be healthy.
loven' hugs from up north where we woke to huge snowflakes falling and slush on the it starts~