Sunday, October 25, 2020

Back in Florida and Sunday breakfast

 Early interesting Cars:

This car, the 1954 Buick Skylark, was brand new the year I first saw Sherry!


For today:

A few days ago when shopping I picked up a back of thin sliced pork-chops.

Sherry has always told me that their ‘traditional breakfast’ on Sunday morning in her youth was : Rice, eggs, coffee gravy, biscuits and pork chops.

This morning, on our first morning back she fixed it.  Even allowed me to take a picture of her, a very rare occasion.

We topped the feast off with butter and honey from Nephew Steve’s ‘Beezy-Bee’ honey bee hives. DELICIOUS!

As I stated we are back, I thought this system would speed up with some REST, but it hasn’t. I hope I have good news about the RV and it is coming home soon. It contains all my purchased ‘apps’ and their ‘owners code or proof of purchase’ info  that the rebuilt computer keeps calling for.

WE brought back a load of stuff, much of it for my playhouse so I am in the midst of unloading and storing it.

WE did not get to complete our mission for a ‘closing’ because the attorney did not get my e-mail containing the ‘sellers info package.’  So we did sign some papers, but not all the closing documents. The rest we will sign over the internet.

More details of that trip and the good things that were waiting at home, tomorrow.

I have missed you guys….

                             Nite Shipslog

For Fun:

Friend, Buddy S. sent this to me along with more funnies. Sometimes you just need to smile.

Thanks Buddy.


betty said...

LOL with the toilet decorating :) Too funny! You and Sherry were missed Jack!! Yummy breakfast; looks so tasty! And Sherry is as beautiful as ever!! Will await to hear the rest of your adventures but glad that the motor home is making its way to be fixed!


yaya said...

Welcome back! Glad all is well and that breakfast looks like a winner! The beautiful cook deserves a huge tip! I'm looking forward to reading about the trip! Those toilet pics did make me smile! Have a good Sunday!

Susan Kane said...

Hehe! I will never look at our toilet the same way.

I love the way your site is back to the way it was!! Thanks! And, Sherry, my hubby would sit at your table in no time.

Mevely317 said...

Welcome back, Jack and Sherry! I'm sooooo happy to see "Ship's Log" on my reader! You were sure missesd.
That breakfast looks delish. I've never thought about rice at breakfast, but then again, why not?

Love the toilet paper hijinks. Talk soon! :)

bobbie said...

Welcome back! Lovely to see you, and Sherry, you are gorgeous!

Woody said...

Well, Welcome Back, Missed you, Well, Well, I see a Meal prepared and "Fit For A King" and what better company than a Beautiful Queen to enjoy it with !
After Anna Mae's surgery and coming home and being laid up for a spell the Neighbors, Friends and Church Members have been Trucking Soups, Chili, Mac an Cheese, Stew, Chicken, Breads, Rolls, cakes, Pumpkin Rolls, Brownies, cookies, If your hungry come on up !

Lisa said...

I have never had rice for breakfast but this breakfast feast looks delicious and reminds me of how I used to eat breakfast.
Glad you kids are back safe. Your only a couple post behind on my blog. Haha.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my! What a wonderful breakfast. Sherry really outdid herself. Never had them for breakfast before but that meal would serve me for breakfast and lunch. Brudh is often my favorite meal. Right in-between .Gad you can finish up the closing over the internet and that it won't require another trip. Hope you do hear something on your RV soon. Seems like they've had it long enough, but whatever time it takes, you'll make do just the way you have been doing. Thanks for letting us know you made it home safely.

Chatty Crone said...

Missed you and glad that you are back. Breakfast fit for a king and queen!

boromax said...

Good to see you back! I missed you! Love the toilet paper art. LOL.

Did you mean "coffee gravy" or "coffee, gravy,..."? Just wondering. Coffee gravy sounds interesting. :)


can't stop smiling about that toliet paper art. thanks for making my day. i must admit though, my mouth is watering for some of sherry's down home cooking. that breakfast looks yummy, indeed.

Dar said...

Wow, what a breakfast...the only way I've ever had rice for breakfast was with butter, sugar n' cinnamon with a splash of milk served hot. Now you have quite a plate of food before you, King and Queen Darnell.! The toilet paper is hilarious. I saved the pic to send to Andy. He's been in isolation with covid and is bored. He needs a good laugh. Love you guys. Stay safe, warm and healthy.
Loven'hugs from up north where we are having a heatwave in the near 40's today. YES