Sunday, October 25, 2020

All things work together for good….

 Early interesting Cars:

 This Maxwell was new when friend Daisy was born.

For today:

That title continues with, 'for those who love the Lord.’  Well I really do, I am not a great testimony of that fact, but my girl is, so when things work out for her, I get some runoff.’ ;-)

Our trip home was a ‘bust’. WE were supposed to attend a closing for our Granddaughter.  It was delayed. We did get to sign some paperwork that will let the process go smoother.

BUT, the feral kitties were glad to see me. The first evening I went out to see them I petted three of them. When I headed back into the basement I noticed I had left ‘wet foot prints’ leaving the basement. No way.

YES way! I had not noticed wet carpet outside the bathroom I had installed awhile back. I checked the carpet and about 6 sq yards was soaked. I had a leak in the new lavatory. Since I was the plumber I could blame no one but me. I shut off the water. Used the wet-vac. Then put fans around to dry the carpet. I fixed the leak, but if we had not made the trip  home the leak would have continued until Spring, OUCH!

A funny thing happened. Ann B. a sweet friend of 93 yrs young was talking to Sherry thinking we were still in Florida. “I sure wish Jack was up here, I could use him. My sink is stopped and will not drain.”

Ann’s sister Daisy (95 yrs young) was in the hospital with Covid 19, and Ann was waiting for the tests to see if she was Positive. 

Sherry said, “I will send Jack right over.”

“WHAT? You are HERE in town?”

“Yes and Jack will be glad to fix the drain.”

Before I went over Ann received the call she was negative, she was ecstatic.  When I walked in she had a list, “Jack, before I called Sherry I had made a list of things that needed to be done here, for my daughter Brenda, in case I am not around come Christmas. But since I do not have that Covid, I can tear it up can’t I?”

“Yes and I will burn it for you!”

After a part of 2 days I did get the drain fixed (It was old cast iron plumbing). She always insists on paying me, but I could NEVER take anything from her or Daisy, They are SHINING LIGHTS. Before we left to come back, Daisy was released from the hospital, getting over the Covid and not contagious. Those TOUGH sisters live together now and are SWEET. Both their minds sharp as a tack

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Tomorrow some about the NC cats


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your trip was not for a naught. You were definitely needed there, both in your own home to help your friends. I to believe that all things do work together for the good. We are alway just right where we should be. Glad things worked out for you. Nice to hear the kitties are still around too

Mevely317 said...

Wow, that was a close call on the plumbing leak!
I remember you profiling Ann and Daisy a while back. They sound perfectly delightful; and I'm so happy to hear that the darn Covid's passed them by. My son and I were talking about that very thing yesterday ... how is it some people in seemingly good health fall prey and others not. Please keep safe!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh Jack - speaking of leaks - we have one. So far two holes in the wall to find where and another one today. I say call a plumber - but no not yet. YEEKS!
Glad you found and fixed yours.

Glenda said...

It's good to know you made it back to the Florida home! I have heard Mom say that that "Good things..." quote many a time. Agree that y'all were fortunate to find the leak when you did; another Mom quote "A stitch in time saves nine"!
Sure missed logging into the Shipslog for the daily updates, love from Chobee, Glenda

Lisa said...

Before we leave to our beach trips, Nick turns the water off on the washer and then turns it off at the road. Now I’m thinking this is why. So we do not have to worry about any leaks happening while we are gone. Did you know that he took one of the art hangings down off the wall before one of out trips and thats when we had the earth quake? I’m glad he did because with would have caused some damage if would have fell. He knew it was on a flimsy nail. He is always expecting the unexpected.

Cant wait to hear about the kitties.

betty said...

Glad you got to see your NC cats and they let you pet them! Sorry about the leak, but a blessing you caught it before the springtime! Bet you would have caught it sooner though when you noticed the water bill being higher than normal.


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made a mistake. had to delete 1st. reposting my comment. glad your kitties are doing well. sorry to hear about that big leak. glad you were able to get it under control. you are a good, honorable man who spreads kindness by helping friends in need. we need to clone you jack and spread your goodness all around. unfortunately we must all worry about covid. it is a killer. it is good your friend tested negative. someone close to me wasn't so lucky. Stay safe. take care.

Woody said...

God usually puts us in places where we are needed and it appears you were needed to help those sisters !! Glad the Kitties came to you for attention, Your a Good Man Jack Darnell ! I hope there were left overs from the Delicious looking Breakfast Pictures I saw , Sending our Love from cooler Northern New York, Gary an Anna Mae